You Think You Know What Hate Is? Bless Your Heart

I don’t know how many of you watch Person of Interest, a show I have ranted about before. If you have, you may have seen a little known actress by the name of Wrenn Schmidt on few episodes. She played the therapist Iris, who ignored ethics and common sense to become the love interest of the main character John Reese. Unfortunately for Wrenn, the couple had all the chemistry and sizzle of bleached flour mixed with tap water. On Tuesday’s episode they broke up. Both of them looked relieved, but neither was as relieved as the fandom was.

That should have been the last word. PoI is cancelled and CBS is burning off the last season so fast that if you blink you’ll miss it. Fans of the iReese or Riris ship numbered in the single digits, so one cared. Iris kissed John good bye and walked off with much more dignity than she deserved considering she ignored all known standards and ethics for therapists so she could get laid. Fans were just happy to see her go, but Wrenn had one last bit of drama for POI fans, and it’s a story that I think is a terrific example of White Privilege in fandoms.

As you may recall, the fabulous Taraji P Henson once graced the cast of POI, playing one of the best WOC characters on the small screen in the fierce Detective Joss Carter. In a decision that will probably go down in TV history as one of the dumbest casting decisions ever, she was fired in favor of lesser actresses. Fans of Taraji and the Careese (Carter/Reese) ship were furious and stopped watching in droves. Other members of the fandom were angry with the Careesers (a large percentage of whom are black) for not supporting a show that erased a black woman character. They coined the term “Bitter Careesers” to explain away any and all dissent in the fandom, because it was all our fault that the show went to hell you see. The (white) producers and the (white) writers had NOTHING to do with it. POI fandom remains bitterly divided today.

Not content to go away quietly, Wrenn Schmidt recently complained on Twitter about getting hate from POI fans:


Good luck finding that hate on her twitter feed though, several of us tried but couldn’t find anything.

Notice the tweet from Chris Fisher in the above exchanges. he is a producer/director on the show. Notice that despite the lack of evidence, he rides to her rescue like some sort of narcissistic white knight to make it all about him and how he was hated on. The funny part he has never defended his leading man for all the hate directed at him and often carries on conversations with fans who have said some very nasty things about other cast members. he only defends the feminine, white ladies.

Some fans then jumped into the fray, and predictably the fans of the black woman were called out as being the culprits without anyone bothering to fact-check.


Notice how they talk a good game about how one shouldn’t bully cast, crew or other fans, while they are bashing Careesers, without any evidence that the Careesers did anything wrong. Someone needs to check themselves. Tip: it’s not the Careesers.

Again I emphasize that Wrenn never provided any links or proof of this hate, but was immediately believed. But old Wrenn wasn’t done yet, here she inserts herself into the politics of a fandom she knows nothing about:

The person she is talking to was removed from one to the larger POI fan pages for bullying. Pause, and let the irony sink in. #shadyAF

So at this point you are probably wondering what the truth was in this whole hot mess. Here it is, with receipts, because that is how we roll on this site.

Here is the conversation with the supposed hate. Shout out to Kyra on the FB Shark page for the screen caps.


You’re probably wondering where the “hate” is. You’re not alone.

Oh and one of the people involved in the convo apologized. Apparently they had not meant to tag Wrenn in their conversation, it was an accident she saw the tweets at all.

Before you ask, Wrenn has not acknowledged her apology. I guess she got too much mileage out of the “hate” to let it go.

And no, neither of the people in the conversation were Careese shippers or Taraji fans.

Even if the tweeter had not apologized, and even if the tweeters had been Careesers, there’s still a problem with this whole mess: these tweets don’t meet any reasonable standard for “Hate Tweets.” None of the tweets were aimed at the actress herself, they were criticisms of her character and the writing. Wrenn is upset over that? Has this bitch seen the feeds of any black actress? Wrenn, honey, pull up a chair and me show you what real fan hate looks like.

Let’s start with some of the milder hate directed at Taraji herself:

Now lets’ move on to the hate directed at Candice Patton on The Flash. Her character is white in the comic books so hate is a daily occurrence for her. Please note that where a word is blanked out it’s the N-word. That word pops up a lot in her Twitter feed.

If poor little abused Wrenn had gotten hate tweets like these she would probably be curled up under her bed in the fetal position sucking her thumb. By contrast, here’s Taraji showing you how real women handle hate tweets, take notes:

You clap back and move on. How hard is that? You don’t see TPH or CP sniveling to their coworkers about shit, they take care of their own business. As a matter of fact they don’t snivel about it at all, it’s called adulting.

So let’s recap:

  • White Actress faces mild, non-personal criticism and crumbles. Black actresses face way worse, including racial slurs, and are somehow able to act like adults.
  • Coworkers and fandom immediately believe White Actress without asking for receipts. No one points out to White Actress that no one actually hated on her.
  • Fans of Black Actress (who are largely black) are immediately demonized in knee jerk reaction for picking on White Actress. Except they weren’t. This is never acknowledged by White Actress or her fans
  • No one calls out White Actress for ignoring the apology. They continue to pile hate on fans of Black Actress.

Is that great example of White Privilege in fandom or what?

Since no one else is going to do it I will – here’s some real hate for Wrenn: Bitch needs to shut down her twitter and get off the internet. She’s far too delicate for the rough and tumble world. Let the real women handle business.

3 thoughts on “You Think You Know What Hate Is? Bless Your Heart

  1. Ridiculous. Wrenn had a whole year to say something about this because there was a number of angry comments after Skip but when she’s out of the show for good, suddenly she wants to address stuff that is directed at the character and not towards hers. I would figure that she’s just a victim of bad writing and awful ideas because the John characters was well aware of the current situation so the idea that he suddenly wanted a normal relationship was ridiculous. It was clear that even Jim was disinterested with the whole idea and their break up was mediocre at best.

  2. LMAO, the irony, Taraji is all up in POI business and she ain’t there anymore. First it was “poor Sarah’s” show not getting picked up; now it’s Wrenn’s hate mail.    AWWW, HAHAHAHA,  I just can’t.  They threw her away and now they want her to save them.  Typical. As for Jim, when your own leading man isn’t saying anything that should tell you something, lol. The man hasn’t had a true smile on his face since Taraji left, especially when it comes to his leading ladies, not even for Zoe, who the fandom was also pushing, lol.

    Publicity is the name of the game, but it’s not working. Desperate doesn’t smell or look good.

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