You can now add rapping to the FLOTUS’s skills

Michelle Obama is that person you hated in school. You know, the one who could scroll right through the center of an epic food fight in the cafeteria and emerge as perfectly dressed as when she entered. She’s a Harvard trained lawyer, she married the guy who adores her beyond reason, and she wears designer clothes like a boss. She represents with grace and class, no matter what manure is thrown at her. It just slides off without leaving a mark while she smiles and glides on by.

Yup, she’s close to perfect, but who ever thought she could RAP? Why yes she can, as if you had any doubts.

In an effort o motivate more students to go college, College Humor has released their new music video Go To College. In support of this worthy effort, FLOTUS rapped a few bars about her college experience and, as they say in gymnastics, she stuck the landing.

Twitter is abuzz over this and the #FLOTUSbars hashtag has been filled with suggestions for more lyrics. Some of them are hysterical. The MarySue has compiled a list of some of the better ones, or you can check it out on Twitter.

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