Yet another honor for Taraji P Henson

Taraji P Henson arrives at the Accessories Council awards Nov 2, 2015. This is what success looks like!

One has to wonder just how big the Taraji Bandwagon has to be to hold all the people who have jumping on since the premiere of Empire. The right answer appears to be “Pretty damn big” as yet another honor was announced this morning hot on the heels of her receiving the Influencer Award from the Accessories Council just last night, now she is to be honored along with Amy Schumer at the VH1 Big in 2015 with Entertainment Weekly party.

“Amy Schumer and Taraji P. Henson dominated the cultural conversation and helped define the biggest moments in pop culture throughout 2015,” Chris McCarthy, General Manager of VH1 and Logo Networks, said in a release.

You can read more about it in Entertainment Weekly. The show airs December 7 at 9pm on VH1.

I get insanely happy whenever I read about Taraji getting more recognition. I first became a fan of hers on Person of Interest and I furious when her character was killed off for the younger, beiger character. (Her character remains the only major character killed off the show despite the producers claims that anyone can die at any time. The white people are all still alive.) Since then POI has dropped in the ratings like a paralyzed falcon and Taraji has soared. Living well is truly the best revenge.

3 thoughts on “Yet another honor for Taraji P Henson

    1. I’ll bet it is! I feel like a Johnny-come-lately fan for not finding this wonderful woman until Person of Interest. After her shoddy treatment there, I get the screaming giggles when I think about things have turned around for her. I hope those EPs are eating their hearts out over her success. They could have had this for themselves if they had just turned her loose with Jim Caviezel.

  1. I didn’t realize that you had responded, SWW.

    POI had it all – a great show concept, three leads with huge fanbases (and the male and female lead had GREAT chemistry), top 10 ranking, critical acclaim, and the list goes on – and the EPs threw all that promise away.  Well, I think the EPs got the show they really wanted.

    Too bad Jim Caviezel couldn’t be celebrated in the same fashion as Taraji (he so deserves the acclaim), but at least the remaining fanbase recognizes that without him, the show doesn’t stand a chance of the sixth season – if that’s even possible anymore.

    And Taraji moved on…and she looks so happy.



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