Why Danai Gurira should be your new girl crush

Why do we love Danai Gurira so much? Well, look at the top of this post and see how many categories and tags are on this post about one person.

tumblr-static-tumblr-static-1keiek2r6734cs44kwwcosg00-640-143655First Danai stars as sword-wielding bad ass Michonne on The Walking Dead. Michonne is more than just a bad ass though, she is fully realized, complex character and Danai gives this wonderful character her soul.

But Danai does not stop there. Many fans don’t know she is also an award winning playwright. Her play Eclipsed opens on Broadway on March 6th and stars no less than Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o in her Broadway debut. It will be the ONLY new play on Broadway by a woman this season. Here’s the blurb for the play:

“Amid the chaos of the Liberian Civil War, the captive wives of a rebel officer band together to form a fragile community – until the balance of their lives is upset by the arrival of a new girl. Drawing on reserves of wit and compassion, Eclipsed reveals distinct women who must discover their own means of survival in this deeply felt portrait of women finding and testing their own strength in a hostile world of horrors not of their own making.”

Doesn’t sounds like a anything Broadway has ever seen before, does it?

Still not impressed? OK Danai isn’t done yet. She has yet another play that begins previews on Feburary 12th at the off-Broadway Playwrights Horizons Theater. The play is called Familiar and here is the description from the website:

It’s winter in Minnesota, and a Zimbabwean family is preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter, a first-generation American. But when the bride insists on observing a traditional African custom, it opens a deep rift in the household. Rowdy and affectionate, Familiar pitches tradition against assimilation, drawing a loving portrait of a family: the customs they keep, and the secrets they bury.

I think this sounds wonderful and I really hope it tours near me! It’s so important we get stories from all walks of life and I’m thrilled to see African families and women finally getting representation on the New York stage. It’s especially gratifying to see this after WOC have been shut out of the movie industry for the past two years.

Are you crushing yet?danai-4

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