Where is the news on the WOC characters?

So I’m flipping through the EW 50 Scoops in 50 Days feature looking for material for this site, and guess what? I found bupkis. Zilch. Nada.


It’s not like they didn’t feature any shows with a WOC lead. Empire, Sleepy Hollow, How to Get Away with with Murder, Elementary, Hawaii 5-0, Agents of SHIELD, they’re all there, but not a single mention of the WOC lead in any of them. 

I can see maybe one or two of these scoops overlooking the female lead, but ALL of them? Pathetic. Get your act together EW.

3 thoughts on “Where is the news on the WOC characters?

  1. Network television – and the entertainment media –  is notorious for these types of omissions.  Let us all remember what happened with Taraji P. Henson and TV Guide back in 2011 when “Person of Interest” debuted.

    For the moment, what we can do is find the shows we want to watch, make sure that the representation of that character is true to what we want to see presented, and make sure the show runners know that we’re happy (or unhappy) with such depictions.


    1. ^^^^^Agreed.  And it’s more like “omissions” because they can’t be this dumb.  Or at the very least, they just aren’t even thinking about it which is nearly as bad.  It means we’re not even an afterthought or even worth their time.  Except for one or two shows that I’ve grandfathered in because I’ve been watching them for years, I don’t watch shows that don’t have at least one POC on the cast.  There is no excuse for any TV show in this day and age not to have diversity.  None.  And yes to letting the showrunners know we won’t put up with their mess.  The #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter h/t on Twitter is a prime example of what we can do to make them straighten up and fly right (even though I’m not 100% convinced that they’ve gotten it).

      And lord, don’t get me started on that POI cover mess.  Taraji was pissed as she rightly should have been.   How are you not going to add the female lead of the show on the TV Guide cover with the two male leads?  It was blatant erasure.

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