Watch the trailer for A Ballerina’s Tale

A Ballerina’s Tale, the story of Misty Copeland, the first black woman to be named a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater, will be released October 14 to theaters and video-on-demand.

Misty’s career is ground breaking not for a couple of reasons. Not only is she a WOC, but she doesn’t fit the traditional ballerina aesthetic. Misty ain’t no traditional anorexic dancer, this gal has muscles you can see. I have actually seen her criticized on-line for her muscular legs. Personally I think muscular legs are just fine for a dancer, but haters gotta hate. Her talent however speaks for itself, and the American Ballet Theater, one of the most prominent ballet companies in American and the world liked what it said.

Misty didn’t let hate or injuries stop her. Here’s the trailer for her inspiring tale.

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