Watch the Variety interview with the cast of “Underground”

Producer John Legend and some of the cast members of the new drama Underground were interviewed by Variety during the Sundance festival.

It’s obvious from watching this clip that the cast is pretty passionate about their project. This is the first TV or movie project about the Underground Railroad and the cast really wanted to do it right.

I confess that when I first heard about this show, I was afraid that the focus would not be on the black characters, but like many other historical drama that focused on POC stories, it would concentrate on the experiences of the white characters instead of the POC. (I’m side eyeing Nic Cage’s Navajo Codetalkers movie right now) However, the more I see of Underground, the more it looks like that the focus will be were it belongs, on the escaping slaves, not on the white helpers. I’m looking forward to it.

Underground premiers Wednesday March 9th on WGN

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