The Maya Angelou Documentary is coming to Sundance

Remember last month how I posted about the Kickstarter for the Maya Angelou Documentary? They did it! On December 1st the producers announced that they scored $153,346, $3,346 over their goal of $150,000.

Props to the producers, they’re not letting any grass grow under their feet. Next month Maya Angelou And Still I Rise (previously titled Maya Angelou: The People’s Poet) will debut at no less of a venue than freaking Sundance, the most prestigious indie film festival around. Dr. Angelou deserves no less!

Here is a clip form the documentary I found on the Vogue website. You might also want to jump over there and read the article. It’s from October when the Kickstarter was still going, but Vogue talked to Maya’s grandson and the producers. It’s a very good article and well worth your time.

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