The list of the 20 highest paid actresses is out

Fortune magazine has published the list of the 20 highest paid actresses.

SPOILER: If you flip through the gallery looking for your favorite WOC, don’t bother. There is ONE WOC on the list, Chinese actress BingBing Fan is #4.

Yup that’s it. One WOC.


Am I surprised? No… well, yes I take it back; I am surprised one WOC made it, but then a lot of her career is overseas. I’ll bet if you only take her American earnings, she would fall off the list fast so fast she would leave a vapor trail behind.

Not to take anything away from the talented ladies who did make the list, but can you really tell me they are that much better than Lupita? Taraji? Viola? Queen Latifah? I’ll save you the trouble, you can’t.



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