The Immortal Nadia Greene

So what do you do when you are a 15 year old girl who hasn’t been given very long to live and the Grim Reaper shows up on your doorstep? Well, if your name is Nadia Greene, you beat the shit out of the Reaper with your trusty baseball bat.

Sounds pretty kick ass, doesn’t it? It is.

Nadia Greene

The Immortal Nadia Greene is a web comic currently getting updated every Tuesday on Tumblr. The art work is first rate and the story is very original. No laughing psychos trying to take over the world here; this the the story of one girl’s will to live.

Geek Chic Elite has a terrific interview with the artist Jamal Campbell. Here are a couple of highlights.

Give us a brief rundown of the comic. How would you describe it to new readers?

The Immortal Nadia Greene is about a young girl who has fallen ill and has not been given long to live. When her time comes, and a grim reaper arrives, Nadia decides that she is not ready to die yet. Thus, she takes a baseball bat, beats up the reaper, and refuses to die. The story will go on to showcase Nadia’s literal fight for her life against death and the reapers.

Where did this idea come from? What inspired you to create Nadia?

The idea developed out from my own fears and anxieties about death. Like pretty much everyone, it’s something that I’ve often thought about, but can never wrap my head around or come to terms with. That visceral fear eventually developed a story and character. Nadia herself is the embodiment of the question and fantasy of ‘What if we could fight off death?’

As a Black female geek, I’ve got to say that it’s exciting to see an interesting new character who looks like us. Did the need for diversity in comics influence your decision to create Nadia?

Yeah, absolutely. The conversation about diversity in comics has been growing in the past while, and being black fans, we’re even more so aware of the issue. Black women as protagonists are so underrepresented in popular media that when it came to creating Nadia, there was no question in my mind as to her ethnicity and gender. Showing a black woman in a position of strength with complete agency in her situation, as daunting as it may be, was one of my goals going into the project.

You can check out the entire comic here.

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