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I am totally jealous of Philadelphia right now. (Now there’s a sentence this California Girl never thought she would type.) They now have one of the coolest comic book stores in the US. Meet Ariell Johnson and her new store, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse. It’s the first comic shop on the East Coast to be owned and run by a black woman.

This woman rules.
This woman rules.

“We will be a legit store, so expect to see the heavy hitters that we all know and love. But in addition to those usual suspects, we want to showcase diverse comics, creators, and characters. We think that comics are for everyone and anyone that loves comics-women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.”

No wonder she was named on of the 15 Remarkable Women Who Rocked 2015 by We begin 2016 by bowing to you, Ariell.

If you are in the Philly area skip the racist Philly Cheesesteak sandwich shop and drop your money at Amalgram instead.

6 thoughts on “The Coolest Comic Book Store

  1. On a recent trip, I passed through Philly and I was able to stop at the newest sensation.  Before I give you my opinion, I just want to state I did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked due to a time restraint.  So I would consider this a truncated review since I only got to spend like 15 mins in the coffeehouse.

    My grown up self was impressed, while my inner child was like “Heaven, I’m in heaven”.  The place is roomy yet cozy at the same time. You can play games, read, check out comics and of course have something to eat. It is definitely a place you want to hang and spend time with friends. The staff that I interacted with was very friendly.  All in all I would say that I liked it and I would definitely go back.

    The only thing I want to remind everyone is that right now it’s getting a lot of press because it’s brand new. But let really support this place, if you are in Philly and close by head over there. If you are passing through like I was stop in, you will like it.

      1. Yes, you have to work on that, lol.  :).  I still have to make my way to California,   so we’re even, I live in NY so I have to plan on making another trip. The good thing is that most of the places I travel to I have to pass through Pennsylvania so it’s easier.  I am planning a weekend trip to Philadelphia, just not sure when.  All I know is when I get there I’m hitting up the coffee house for a few hours.  The cool thing is that all the potential hasn’t been reached yet, but with some serious support it could be massive.

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