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POC kick ass at the SAG awards

In the midst of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, the Screen Actor’s Guild weighted in with their choices and POC came out out overwhelmingly on top in just about every category where they were nominated.

Idris Elba, who couldn’t even get a nomination for an Oscar, (but Sylvester Stallone could, go figure) took home the trophy for Best Supporting Actor in a movie for Beasts of No Nation. He also scored as Lead Actor in a Drama for Luther. Take that Oscar voters!

Viola Davis repeated her SAG win from last year for Lead Actress in a Drama for How to Get Away with Murder. I repeat, this is win #2 for her. And that is after she won the Emmy.

Uzo Aduba also repeated her win from last year for Lead Actress in a Comedy for Orange is the New Black. She snagged a second award of the night when Orange is the New Black snared the Comedy Ensemble award. As you will recall, she also won the Emmy for this role

Rounding out the stellar evening for POC, Queen Latifah won for Lead Actress in a Limited Series or special for Bessie. She was also nominated for the Emmy, but lost to Frances McDormand,

So whenever the lack of color in Oscar nominees is brought up, inevitably some douche makes the comment that that maybe the POC just aren’t good enough. Note that the SAG awards are voted on solely by members of the Screen Actors Guild, people who know this craft and know wht ti takes to succeed. They chose to hand their highest awards to Viola and Uzo for the second year in a row, and they chose  Idris for two very different roles. All of these people have been nominated for numerous awards and won. POC are plenty good enough, these were not pity wins.

Why ignorant people should not be on Twitter: Nancy Lee Grahn edition

While most peoople were celebrating Viola Davis’s historic victory last night at the Emmys there were still a few Bitter Bitches out there. Most of them were upset that Viola “brought race into it,” because race had nothing to do with the fact it took 67 years for a black woman to win, right?

Yeah right.

One of bitterest of them all was a soap opera actress by the name of Nancy Lee Grahn, who while claiming to be a “human rights advocate” took to Twitter to publicly humiliate herself on the topic of human rights, specifically human rights for POC.

First tweet:

I wish I loved #ViolaDavis Speech, but I thought she should have let @shondarhimes write it. #Emmys


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Viola Davis makes history with Emmy win and her speech is EPIC

Viola Davis made history Sunday night as the first black woman to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She was fully aware of just how important her win was, and she came prepared. Her acceptance speech was all sorts of awesome.

She quoted Harriet Tubman!!! She pegged the Coolness Meter with this one. But I think the best part was this quote:

“Let me tell you something: the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”

Preach it! Viola made her point and she made with dignity and class, no angry black woman here. Check out Taraji’s reaction, and we agree:

tarajigif credit: Giphy.com

Congratulations Viola. You made a lot of people very happy tonight. We love you and look forward to the next season of How To Get Away With Murder

Shonda Rhimes and Viola Davis talk about the awful NY Times piece

Shonda and Viola

As part of it’s Shondapalooza this week, Entertainment Weekly talked to Shonda Rhimes and Viola Davis about the god-awful piece that ran in the New York Times last year that began “When Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography, it should be called “How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman.”

Oh that’s not racist at all. #sarcasm

As Shonda Tells it, the one good thing that came out of that mess was the backlash against it.

“Very quickly, maybe because of Twitter, there were some really beautiful articles written in response that made me feel like, ‘Oh my god, there are some thinking people out there!’”

As you might recall the Times article didn’t stop at throwing racist stereotypes at Shonda in a a pathetic attempt to praise her. the piece also dragged Viola as “less classically beautiful”. As you can imagine, Viola doesn’t sit still for that:

“There were lot of things that people did not allow me to be until I got [the role of] Annalise Keating,” she explained. “I was not able to be sexualized. Ever. In my entire career. And here’s the thing that’s even more potent: I’ve never seen anyone who even looks like me be sexualized on television or in film. Ever. When people say they’re tired of hearing that, I always say, ‘Okay, well, you give me an example and then I’ll stop talking about it. But I’m gonna talk about it until you hear it.’”

If you want to be depressed, here’s a link to the Times piece. Try to keep in mind while reading it that the author actually thought she was complimenting Shonda. I wonder what she does to people she doesn’t like? shudder

HTGAWM Season 2


Is there an overall theme for season two?

I don’t approach writing so much from theme but if there was, it would be: What has Annalise (Davis) wrought? How does she live with herself doing all the bad things she does? That is something that every character is dealing with thematically: We did this terrible thing, why don’t we just turn ourselves in? Why do we want to keep going? It’s an existential crisis.

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