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‘The Flash’ finally gave us the Iris West we deserve

Iris was so good in last night’s episode of The Flash that I’m still on a high.                                   Candice Patton absolutely killed it.  Iris had agency, she was funny, she was instrumental in not only helping to catch this week’s evil metahuman, Zombie Girder, but in getting Barry back from the Speed Force as well.  She was also front and center as the female lead, and actively helping Team Flash in S.T.A.R. Labs.

This is what I’ve been wanting for her for an entire season and a half, and they finally gave it to us.  I can only hope they keep it up, because now that I’ve gotten it, I don’t want to go back.

I wish I could find scenes of Iris and Cisco because they were absolute gold last night (more Irisco please), but there is lots of Westallen so I offer these up as a lovely substitute instead.  Enjoy!

More Iris West Please

Recently, The Flash released its tirisrailer for the show’s January mid-season premiere (remember the days when there was just one premiere and one finale a season?).  We actually got a glimpse of Iris West and Westallen, and it almost made me excited for the show’s return.   Almost.

I’ll admit that I’m incredibly jaded.  This show has let me down too many times in the past to truly allow myself to get overly excited about what may or may not be coming.  I haven’t been at all happy about the way that Iris has been sidelined so far this season in favor of setting up the upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow and devoting precious screen time to Barry’s current love interest, Patty Spivot.  Iris’ journalist arc hasn’t materialized, her screen time has been woeful, and once again, she hasn’t been given a point of view.   I still don’t know how she feels about Eddie’s death as we haven’t been allowed to see her grieve; and the storyline with her mother’s return was more about Joe than Iris.

I’m tired of watching everyone else get to express how they feel, while being forced to piece together how Iris feels via other character’s observations.  I’m tired of the telling and not showing when it comes to the show’s female lead.  It wasn’t acceptable last year, and it’s even less acceptable halfway through the second season.  We shouldn’t still be having these complaints.

Here’s hoping that now that the writers no longer have to split their time between setting up Legends and trying to make us fall in love with Patty, they can concentrate on finally giving Iris West the storyline that she deserves.

Iris West Deserves Better

I seriously think we need a #IrisWestDeservesBetter campaign like last year’s wildly successful #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter campaign. You know, the one that helped to convince the producers of Sleepy Hollow  they were effing up, because they were. Right now The Flash is guilty of some serious disrespect towards their leading lady.


Last season Iris West was kept on the sidelines under the guise of “protecting her” from all the bad things that happen when you hang with a super hero. Because you know hanging with a super hero and not knowing he has some bad-ass enemies is wayyyyyyy safer than hanging with a super hero and knowing that one should keep an eye out. *eyeroll* This over-used and annoying trope aside, Iris was kept out of the action and stuck in the “Love Interest” B-plot all season. Iris’s main purpose in S1 was to give Barry something to moon over. While Grant Gustin does moon very well, Candice Patton had very little to do. We got a lot of CP’s frustrated face as the other characters consistently lied to her about, well, just about everything.

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Candice Patton talks to Variety about Flash S2

Variety has a nice interview with Candice Patton from The Flash.

Those of you who watch will recall that last season was not a good one for CP fans. Her character, Iris West, was sidelined most of the year due to the fact that her father Joe West insisted she be kept in the dark about the secret identity of the titular super hero to “protect her.” (Yeah, ’cause that always works. Sorry kids, I read comic books and watch TV, I know how that goes.)

Anyway Iris proved to be the smartest person on the show since she figured out ON HER OWN that Meta humans were created when Star Labs blew up.  She also figured out her best friend Barry Allen wasthe Flash. After that, she got a few minutes of awesome, but for the most part Iris, the love interest to the hero (They are married in the comic books) was left out of the action.


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Meet Mama West

Hallelujah!  After wondering the status of Iris West’s mother during all last season of The Flash, we’re finally going to meet her.  Vanessa Williams (Soul Food) has been cast to play Iris’ mother in the show’s upcoming second season.

According to Variety, everything about her appearance is being kept hush-hush.  I’ll admit I’m chomping at the bit to know more, but at this point, I’m just happy that we’re finally going to get more backstory about the West family.


IGN Lists 12 Greatest Superhero Romances

IGN recently listed its choices of the greatest superhero romances, and guess who made the cut?  I’m just gonna leave this here.


The Flash ~ Barry Allen & Iris West

“As much as Lois Lane is meant for Clark Kent, so too is Iris West the only real woman for Barry Allen. And in a show that did so much right in its first season, one of its greater strengths was exploring Barry’s unrequited love for Iris. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor guy as he pined after a girl who was happily engaged to the handsome, square-jawed Eddie Thawne.

The real tragedy of their nonexistent romance in Season 1 is that Barry knew they were destined to fall in love. He saw glimpses of a future where Iris West became Iris West-Allen. The episode “Out of Time” delivered a particularly heartbreaking twist. There, Iris finally confessed her love for Barry, only for our hero to accidentally travel back in time and undo the one thing he desired most in the world. Maybe he’ll have better luck in Season 2.”

And here.


Daredevil ~ Matt Murdock & Claire Temple

“Matt Murdock is one of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious ladies men (which is problematic considering that so many of his girlfriends wind up dead or traumatized). That aspect of his character wasn’t emphasized as much as we might have expected in the first season of the Netflix series, but the show did deliver a strong relationship between Matt Murdock and his ally/caretaker Claire.

Claire (who is inspired by the comic book character Night Nurse) found herself drawn into Matt’s vigilante crusade and doing her part to help clean up Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a testament to the show’s nuanced writing that Claire was never portrayed as a generic love interest, but an independent woman who found herself temporarily and dangerously drawn into Matt’s orbit. We’re looking forward to seeing how this relationship evolves in the second season next year.”