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Happy Birthday Taraji P. Henson

The Queen of TV turns the big 4-5 today! It warms my heart to see such a deserving person taking the world by storm. The best part is that Fox and Empire seem to understand and appreciate what they have in her:


This is how you promote your star people! Given how she got pushed to background and then killed off in her previous TV gig, it’s good to see.

Eonline sends her a love letter as well.

“Cookie is (finally) getting Taraji P. Henson the recognition she deserves. This woman has an Oscar nom, people! Yet, somehow, we’re still seeing her portrayal of Cookie described as a breakout role. Her acting resumé runs the gamut from Hustle & Flow to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (where she received said Oscar nom). And, don’t think I didn’t love I Can Do Bad All by Myself, girl. I can think of no one more worthy of one million girl crushes. First stop: The Emmys. Next stop: World domination.”

Girl, she is well on her way! We’ll take her over Donald Trump any day.

Taraji P Henson and Gina Rodriguez Share Glamour’s October Cover

The October Glamour Magazine focuses on TV and two of our favorite WOC are gracing the cover. Taraji P Henson and Gina Rodriquez split cover duties with Emma Roberts, talking about how they have broken racial barriers in Hollywood.

Remember during the Sony email scandal the executive talked about how a black person couldn’t open a film over seas? Well Taraji’s experience is some what different:

“[Cookie] is everybody’s alter ego. She crosses cultures,” Henson tells the magazine of her Empire character. “[Last year] we went to Paris and screened the pilot for a thousand people. Lee Daniels [the series’ co-creator] brought me onstage. The audience stood up on their feet and clapped. I cried because, for so long in Hollywood, I’ve been told that black women don’t do well overseas, that they can’t open a film overseas.”

Take that Sony!

Taraji’s Cover:
Taraji's Glamour Cover

Read the rest of her interview here.

According to Golden Globe winner Gina, her show isn’t “just a Latino” show:

“People say this is a Latino show. But this is just a show that happens to have people with ancestors who come from other countries,” she says.

Here’s her cover:
Gina's Glamour Cover

Read Gina’s interview here.

Taraji P Henson To Present at the Emmys

The first batch of Emmy presenters has been announced and it should come as no surprise that the hardest working woman in show business, Taraji P Henson, is on the list, along with her Empire co-star Terrence Howard. As you will recall Taraji is also up for an Emmy award as Lead Actress in a Drama.

The Emmy Awards will air at 8 p.m. ET Sept. 20 on Fox. Between Taraji and Viola, maybe this year we will finally get a WOC winner for the first time in the Lead Actress in a Drama category.

See The Unaired Skit from Taraji’s SNL Hosting Gig

From EW – A new sketch from the Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Taraji P Henson has been released. Apparently this skit was cut for time, but I like it better than the Connectatron skit they aired.

In the sketch, Henson is the frontwoman of a 1960s girl group called the Sparkelles, backed by Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. While performing on the Ed Sullivan-like TV program The Shebang Hour, their first song goes over great — it’s the request for an encore that complicates matters.

Taraji spanks Jimmy Fallon in Family Feud

Taraji P Henson is all over the internet this morning after her appearance on The Tonight Show last night, but MTV said it best:

“Let’s be clear: It’s not about winning, here. Winning is for amateurs. Taraji doesn’t want to win; she wants to crush Jimmy Fallon’s spirit and send him home weeping while she dances on the ashes of his dreams.”

And she does: