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#AbbieMillsDeservedBetter #CancelSleepyHollow

They fucking killed Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow’s season finale.
It’s taken me a couple of days to calm down enough to write this. I asked fangirlu if she wanted to be the one to write this, but she’s too emotionally drained to do it.

Another black woman on a genre show has died to service the white male lead’s story line.

Sleepy Hollow was supposed to be different. It premiered with a diverse cast and Nicole Beharie was clearly the lead or at the very least the co-lead. Finally, we thought, a genre show where the black woman would get her due. And she did for the first season. Abbie Mills introduced Tim Mison’s Ichabod Crane to this century with humor and enough chemistry to torch a city block. The bad guy, the Headless Horseman, was off the charts badass. Who didn’t love a headless demon wielding an automatic weapon? The show was batshit crazy. Critics and fans alike were delighted. Continue reading #AbbieMillsDeservedBetter #CancelSleepyHollow

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Returns

After a two month hiatus, Sleepy Hollow returns this Friday and FOX has finally saw fit to give us a promo and a sneak peek at the upcoming mid-season premiere.  It looks like Crane is still in his feelings about Abbie’s loss (he’d better be), and Agent Sophie is there to fill in temporarily until her return.

I’m honestly not sure what to expect from the second half of the season.  While this season has been miles better than the disaster known as season two, it still feels like the magic is gone.  Adding unnecessary characters into the mix like Betsy Ross and Zoe What’s-Her-Face have been a drag on the show, and from what I understand, they aren’t going anywhere.  At least for the moment.

Here’s hoping they’ll at least be utilized better in the upcoming episodes.  Here’s also hoping the writers stop wasting the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod to prop up his other relationships.  It’s hurting the show, and if the complaints by critics and fans aren’t enough to convince those in charge, the dismal ratings should.

Abbie Mills Needs Love Too

I have a question for all the television showrunners and writer’s rooms out there:  Why is it so difficult for you to write for women of color?  Why is it so hard to write us as fully-formed human beings with all the emotions, flaws, weaknesses and strengths that everyone else has?  Why do television writers continue to bungle this so badly?

Recent case in point:  Grace Abigail Mills.  During the last season of Sleepy Hollow, Abbie was sidelined in service to showrunner Mark Goffman’s baffling attempts to make Katrina Crane relevant.  Abbie essentially became Ichabod’s sidekick, relegated to bravely swallowing her own pain and fear while acting as a caretaker, marriage counselor, and financial support to the Cranes.  For those of you who aren’t aware, this bait and switch resulted in Sleepy Hollow shedding millions of viewers over the course of the season and caused the show to teeter on the verge of cancellation before FOX renewed it for a third season.

I’d venture to say that if it wasn’t for an outcry by the fans, Abbie would still be playing second fiddle to the now-dead Katrina Crane (who likely wouldn’t be dead) and would still be mistaken for Ichabod’s sidekick by the media (yes, that happened).

I’ll admit that while the show has mostly reinstalled Nicole Beharie to her rightful place as Sleepy Hollow’s co-lead, some improvements with Abbie’s characterization still need to be made.  Sure, it’s nice that she’s an FBI agent now and that we actually got a chance to see her relaxing at home for a change, but what about things of a more interpersonal nature?  We’re into the show’s third season and we’ve yet to see Abbie date, be kissed, or even be told that’s she’s beautiful.  The folks over on Bones didn’t seem to have a problem remarking on Abbie’s beauty during the recent crossover, but for some reason the Sleepy Hollow writers can’t seem to muster up the ability.  And you know what?

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Whispers in the Dark: Sleepy Hollow recap

We start the episode with Happy Homemaker Ichabod doing his chores while signing Rule Britannia. Odd choice of song considering he actively fought that rule and was instrumental in overturning it here on this side of pond until that whole Witness thing got in the way. But he probably hasn’t had time to watch Empire and learn the Drip Drop song yet, so I’ll give it to him. He brags to Abbie about his Bedfordshire Clanger, one of those god awful dishes that destroyed England’s culinary reputation around the world. (In George Carlin’s version of hell, the English are the cooks for a reason) It’s a dinner and desert all in one inedible crust. Fortunately he burns it and they decide to order take out. Close call there Abs.

But hey, Ichabod is TRYING, something he never did last season, so we are already seeing an improvement. The writers are TRYING, dammit.

Pandora, this season’s Big Bad is not idle. She dutifully conjures up this week’s monster, a shadow wraith that feeds on secrets and then kills you. Seems Shadow only likes the secrets of good guys, because he snuffs a man who is trying to blow the whistle on a scheme to raid the city’s pension fund. The case naturally winds up in Abbie’s capable hands.

Enter Abbie’s new boss to replace the late, great I-forget-his-name-he-was-gone-so-fast. Except Abbie’s new boss is a former flame from the academy by the name of Daniel Reynolds. Hilarity ensues as Ichabod does everything but hoist his leg on Abbie to mark her as his in front of the new/old guy.

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Review: The Return of Sleepy Hollow

Let’s all agree that Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow sucked. It sucked so bad that merely saying it sucked is an insult to shows that merely suck. It sucked so hard that it could have sucked a watermelon through 10 feet of garden hose in thirty seconds.

And well, let’s face it, a lot of the news coming out of writer’s room over the summer was not comforting. Despite welcome deaths of Ichabod’s hellspawn Henry (YAY!) and worthless witch of a wife Katrina (double YAY!) the new show-runner seemed to meandering down the same path as his widely loathed predecessor. All the fuss over (white girl) Betsy Ross was just too reminiscent of the love heaped on (white girl) Katrina. Woo hoo, we traded one sexy white girl love interest for Ichabad for another.

WHAT ABOUT THE FEMALE LEAD???????? Where is Nicole?????

Finally they acknowledged that Nicole was on the show and gave her a love interest too. But they keep parading Nikki Reed in front of the media like a prize mare. *grumpyface*

Needless to say, I viewed the season 3 premiere of Sleepy Hollow with great trepidation. From all the pre-season Betsy Ross hype I was expecting a repeat of the Katrina S2 debacle. We didn’t get one, but we are not out of the woods yet.

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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 3 Cast Photos

Finally!  FOX has finally released the cast photos for season three.  Better late than never, right?

Goddesses.  Both of them.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Nicole Behave as Abbie. SLEEPY HOLLOW Season Three premieres Monday, Oct.1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Lavine/FOX
SLEEPY HOLLOW: Nicole Behave as Abbie  ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Lavine/FOX
SLEEPY HOLLOW: Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny. SLEEPY HOLLOW Season Three premieres Monday, Oct.1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Lavine/FOX
SLEEPY HOLLOW: Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny  ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Lavine/FOX

Season three of Sleepy Hollow premieres on Thursday, Oct. 1 at 9 pm/EST.

‘Sleepy Hollow’ 3×01 Synopsis and Promo Photos

The new season of Sleepy Hollow is right around the corner, and while we don’t have a trailer yet (!), we do finally have some information on the premiere.  TV After Dark has the official synopsis and promotional photos:

With old enemies gone, Abbie and Crane are apparently moving on with their lives. However, the discovery of a mysterious tablet shows that there may be a new dark prophecy surrounding our Witnesses. The two team together, with the help of an old amulet, and continue their epic takedown of the forces of evil in the all-new “I, Witness” Season Three Premiere episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW.

Should be interesting.  Especially considering that Crane and Abbie haven’t seen or spoken to each other in nearly a year.  I wonder how that reunion is going to go.  Are there going to be hard feelings?  Awkwardness?  Or will they slide right back into that familiar camaraderie that we’ve come to expect from those two?  We don’t have too long to wait.

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Sleepy Hollow S3 Poster and BTS Photos

TVLine debuted a season three poster featuring Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) up close and personal.  Nicole Beharie looks as radiant as always, and Tom Mison’s eyebrows have a mind of their own.


These photos look like something from season one to me, but given the lack of promotion lately we’re lucky we even got this.

We also got a few behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Aaron Baiers, VP of Television Development at Kurtzman/Orci Productions.  Fans have been clamoring for any news or photos of Nicole Beharie/Abbie Mills for weeks, and we finally got our wish.  Looks like both Witnesses got a hair cut, in matching styles no less.  Cute!