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Are you ready for a Cuban-American “One Day at a Time” with Rita Moreno?

Norman Lear is bringing back one of his ground breaking TV shows and putting a Latin spin on it. One Day at a Time may seem rather trite now, but back in the late 70s it’s overt feminism was a new concept to TV. The show featured a recently divorced mother who negotiated her new partner-less life while trying to raise her two daughters.

Netflix has picked up the reboot for a 13 episode order. Rita Moreno will play a new character, the grandmother. “I want her to have a mother so there are three generations of Latino women,” he explained. With Rita he is off to a good start, it will be good to see her on our screens again.

Rita Moreno at the recent Kennedy Center Honors

I dare you to watch Gina Rodriguez’s tribute to Rita Moreno and not cry

For anyone who doesn’t understand that representation matters, I dare them to watch Gina Rodriguez talk about what Rita Moreno means to her. Gina wondered where all the Puerto Ricans were, so her mom showed her Rita Moreno. Now we owe Mama Rodriguez and Rita for the delightful Jane the Virgin.

Last night on the Kennedy Center Honors, Gina gave a moving speech on what Rita has meant to her. It’s short at just over a minute, but I can tell you that there is high probability that you will be sniffling by the time that 1:13 is up.

Rita Moreno turns 84, is charming as ever

Rita Moreno, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony award winner, turned 84 om December 11th and she is still going strong. In honor of her birthday PBS NewsHour posted the video above to their Facebook page.

In the video Rita talks about her days as the “house ethnic” for MGM Studios, wishes she had given a better speech at the Oscars, and even sings a little. You will wish this video was much longer!

Happy Birthday Rita!