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Priyanka Chopra wins PCA for Best Actress in a new show

While last night wasn’t a stellar night for WOC at the People’s Choice Awards, there is one person we do need to congratulate, and that would be the stunning Priyanka Chopra for her win in the Best Actress in a New Show category for Quantico. She had some tough competition from some veteran actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis, Marcia Gay Harden and Lea Michele, so this is a huge win for her.


An Asian rates Asian Representation in Hollywood

Susan Cheng over at Buzzfeed has an article up on The Winners And Losers Of Asian Representation In Hollywood In 2015.

Among the winners: Constance Wu from Fresh off the Boat, Kimiko Glenn from Orange is the New Black and Priyanka Chopra from Quantico.

I was surprised to see Into the Badlands on the Meh list. It’s one of the few shows where a minority character is the hero, but she felt it was too stereotypical of the martial arts genre to have a hero who is an “emotionless killing machine.” I think consider Sunny emotionless, but I’m not Asian either, so I’ll agree to disagree on this one.

No surprise to see blonde, blue-eyed Emma Stone’s casting as a part Chinese, part Native Hawaiian character on Fail list. I was surprised to see Chiwetel Ejiofor from The Martian on the Fail list, I was unaware the character was Venkat Kapoor in the book, not Vincent Kapoor as he is in the movie. Needless to say she was unimpressed that they swapped one minority for another. I can’t really blame her, especially since they cast a white girl to play a character of Korean descent on top of it. The movie basically had none of the Asian characters from the book. Not cool, but not a shock either.

However there is good news – the Win list is longer than the Meh and Fail lists combined. That feels like some progress has been made.

Quantico gets a full season

Last week we reported that Minority Report got it’s order cut and Extent got cancelled outright. This week I’m happy to report that Quantico has gotten an order for 6 more episodes for a total of 19! If it continues to perform in the ratinsg, it will get 3 more to make the total 22.

Quantico has cleaned up in the coveted 19-49 demo rating, it currently the #1 show on Sunday on broadcast even though it’s lead-in, Blood and Oil, has not been stellar. It doesn’t hurt that star Priyanka Chopra has 11.3 MILLION followers on Twitter. Never under estimate the power of social media.

A Female Indian TV Critic takes a look at Quantico

When I am watching a show that features a minority character, I often wonder how members of that minority feel as they watch the same show. Do they watch the show and think, “Wow, that’s me up there!” or do they cringe and wish the show had never seen the light of day? Is any representation good or does the type of representation matter?

Sonia Saraiya is the TV critic at Salon.com. She is also a woman who is a first generation Indian-American. So what does she think of Quantico and Priyanka Chopra’s character? Here’s the title of her piece in Salon this morning:

Priyanka Chopra’s “Quantico”: Cool, charismatic, complex Alex Parrish — the Indian-American heroine I’ve been waiting for
The new ABC show—pitched as “Homeland meets Grey’s Anatomy”—breaks new ground for Indians on American TV

Yup, she likes it. But not just because Alex Parrish is a Indian-Americna woman like her, but because the character breaks the usual mold of Indian characters she sees on TV. While she recognizes that Indians have rather easy compared to other minorities, since Indians are often portrayed as doctors or some other professional, as she says:

“…the subtext is that an Indian-American woman can be an American hero—or an American villain—just as much as the next person. We don’t have to be doctors or in arranged-marriage plots in order to see ourselves on television. “Quantico” is little more than a fantastical sandbox full of gadgets and car crashes, sure; but for once, I feel actually invited to play.”

You can read the entire article here.

Q&A with Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra

Entertainment Weekly has declared that Priyanka Chopra, star of the new Quantico, the breakout star of this upcoming season. During their Q&A with her, she addressed the issue of diversity on TV. Is the US ready for for and Indian woman in the lead role?

You mentioned you wanted to break the stereotype box in this role. How do you see your casting fitting into the larger conversation about diversity on American TV?

You know, I’m very curious to find out, because there’s no reference to say if it’s going to turn out well. It hasn’t happened before. I’m really looking forward to finding out. Is America ready for it? Are we ready for it? Is India ready for it? [Pauses] Am I ready for it? [Laughs] I have no idea, but I think for me, my Indian movies have never been stepping stones. I love what I do, I’m going to divide my time between my Indian movies, whatever work I get and my show and fly across the world wherever work takes me. That’s how I’ve always treated it.

I really see this as an opportunity. When I grew up I never saw anyone looking like me on TV, you know? I’m so glad to see a lot more of us on television, whether it’s Mindy Kaling or it’s Irrfan Khan or Freida Pinto. You know, I hope, like, little girls across the world can just look at me and say, “Ah, I want to be that!” Indian or not, it shouldn’t matter. It’s really cool to see how that will open up.

Continue reading Q&A with Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra

‘Quantico’ Named One of Fall’s Best New Shows

Entertainment Weekly has named Quantico one of the best upcoming shows of the new season:

“It’s the best Shonda Rhimes drama that Shonda Rhimes never touched. Created and produced by Joshua Safran (Smash) with Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy), this soapy thriller follows FBI recruits (Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri, Johanna Braddy, Tate Ellington, and Graham Rogers) as they train at Virginia’s Quantico base, where they discover that they all have — whisper it with us, now — secrets. One of them ends up masterminding the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11, and Alex (Chopra) is the main suspect, though every recruit seems suspicious. Like any good Shonda­land drama, the pilot features oh-my-God twists, a suspenseful cliff-hanger, and a diverse cast of attractive, hyper-ambitious ­characters who generate enough sexual tension at work to warrant a call to HR. Plus, as a former Miss World who breaks type­casting as an inscrutable agent, Chopra’s bound to be a breakout star.”

I’ve been looking forward to this show since I saw the trailer way back during Upfronts in May.  I’ve never been exposed to Priyanka Chopra’s work before, but she immediately caught my attention with her charm and screen presence.  And with Aunjanue Ellis rounding out the cast as the Director of Quantico, and what looks to be an intriguing plot, I’m so looking forward to this show.

I’ll admit that the Sunday timeslot worries me, but I’ll be crossing my fingers that the show has great premiere numbers and continues to flourish throughout the season.

Quantico premieres on ABC on Sunday, September 27th at 10 pm/EST.