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Minority Report gets a full season after all!

A few days ago several entertainment news outlets were reporting that Minority Report’s order was cut to 10 episodes. We also reported this. However  Megan Good gave a very different answer when a fan asked her about it on Twitter:


YAY!!! I’m happy to have been wrong on this!

However MR is not out of the woods yet, its ratings are still low. We need more people to watch it in a way that bumps the ratings. In order to get your viewing to count in the ratings, the best thing you can do is watch it on DVR and not fast forward through the commercials. The advertisers, the people who pay the bills, don’t count it if you don’t watch their ads. Tell your friends!

Minority Report gets it’s order cut to 10 episodes

Bad news for another WOC led show. Hot on the heels of the announcement that Extant was no more, comes the news that FOX has cut it’s order for Minority Report from 13 episodes down to 10. I don’t think I need to say that this is not good news.

Like Extant, this news is not a surprise since MR’s ratings have been less than stellar and have dropped in each of the three weeks it has aired. Officially FOX has not made a decision on cancelling the show all together, but when you have your initial order sliced in your first season the writing is plainly on the wall.

The good news for fans of the show is that it’s been reported that the 10th episode was always meant to be a fall finale, so the few people watching will get a satisfying conclusion. MR will continue to run Monday night at 9 until the last episode.

Farewell Minority Report, we hardly knew ye. Here’s hoping Meagan Good and the rest of the cast can find other projects quickly.


Ebony interviews Meagan Good

Ebony has published their interview with Meagan Good, the star of the upcoming Minority Report!

Thirteen years since Spielberg’s futuristic sci-fi thriller hit the big screen, it’s now been reincarnated on Fox with Meagan Good hand-picked to star as Lara Vega, a cop she describes as “totally bad-ass” but vulnerable a the same time—because as the show unfolds, we find out she’s been through something traumatic.

We here at Fangirl Uprising are so THERE for this show. The more we see and the more we find out about it, the more we look forward to it. fangirlu has seen the leaked pilot and it does not disappoint. We have a real WOC lead here, not some sassy best friend/sidekick and Meagan kills it. Here’s hoping this show kills it in the ratings too.

Minority Report Promo Posters

Judging by the promotion for the show, it looks like Meagan Good will be a fully realized female lead.  It’s sad that even has to be said, but Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to women of color leads.  Especially black ones.  So it’s encouraging to see that FOX is putting her front and center in the advertising.

Because I’ve fallen prey to the bait and switch more than once, I’ll be watching with a bit of a side-eye.  But I’m more hopeful than I was before that this time might actually be different.