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Review: The Return of Sleepy Hollow

Let’s all agree that Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow sucked. It sucked so bad that merely saying it sucked is an insult to shows that merely suck. It sucked so hard that it could have sucked a watermelon through 10 feet of garden hose in thirty seconds.

And well, let’s face it, a lot of the news coming out of writer’s room over the summer was not comforting. Despite welcome deaths of Ichabod’s hellspawn Henry (YAY!) and worthless witch of a wife Katrina (double YAY!) the new show-runner seemed to meandering down the same path as his widely loathed predecessor. All the fuss over (white girl) Betsy Ross was just too reminiscent of the love heaped on (white girl) Katrina. Woo hoo, we traded one sexy white girl love interest for Ichabad for another.

WHAT ABOUT THE FEMALE LEAD???????? Where is Nicole?????

Finally they acknowledged that Nicole was on the show and gave her a love interest too. But they keep parading Nikki Reed in front of the media like a prize mare. *grumpyface*

Needless to say, I viewed the season 3 premiere of Sleepy Hollow with great trepidation. From all the pre-season Betsy Ross hype I was expecting a repeat of the Katrina S2 debacle. We didn’t get one, but we are not out of the woods yet.

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