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Archie Panjabi nabs starring role in new pilot “The Jury”

The Good Wife‘s Archie Panjabi is returning to to TV! She’s been signed to star in ABC’s new pilot legal eagle drama The Jury. Described a cross between 12 Angry Men meets the podcast Serial, the show will follow a single murder trail all season as seen through the eyes of the jurors.

Archie will be playing Kim Dempsey (please tell me she wont be white washed!) described as:

“…a force of nature cloaked in a professional demeanor. She’s not interested in making friends, she’s just interested in the truth. She’s a crusader — someone who’s always had/is always looking for a cause. She’s been accused of jumping from cause to cause in the past, and maybe that’s true, but nobody can accuse her of not doing a hell of a job while she was there. When we meet Kim in the pilot, it’s been less than a year since she was ripped from the cause she thought she’d champion until her death.”.

Sounds very different from her Good Wife badass character.