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HBO releases the trailer for “Confirmation”

HBO has released the trailer for their movie Confirmation. The movie, which we have written about this movie before on this site, stars Karry Washington as Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. We all know how this ended, Thomas got the post and very undistinguished career on the court while Anita got beat up by a bunch of white guys in the confirmation hearing and in a nasty book (that was later repudiated by the author).

Here’s the trailer:

The hearing did, however, succeed in bringing sexual harassment into the national spotlight. Anita has risen above her shameful treatment by the right wing and has become a distinguished law professor. Success is the best revenge!

Confirmation premieres on April 16th.

Kerry Washington talks about Anita Hill

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 24 years since the explosive Clarance Thomas confirmation hearings that brought the issue of sexual harassment into the national spotlight. Since then Anita Hill has stayed out of the spotlight, which I don’t blame her considering how she got dragged. One of the most appalling things I have ever witnessed was all the old white guys in Congress grilling Anita Hill like she was some sort of ‘ho. What was completely lost in the hearings was that Clarence Thomas was grossly under-qualified to sit in the chair that once held civil rights lion Thurgood Marshall. Thomas got his spot on the Supreme Court and Anita got her character assassinated by David Brock in his book The Real Anita Hill. Brock has since retracted his hit piece, admitting that he lied like a kitchen rug, but the damage had been done.

In April HBO will show Confirmation, which we are promised is a more even handed look at the controversy, not that it would be hard. Kerry Washington will play Anita Hill and as she confessed during the recent Television Critics Association winter press tour, she was terrified to play a living person:

“I was terrified. Portraying somebody who’s real is a different kind of responsibility, especially when they’re alive.That significance was not lost on me both as an actor and as a producer, wanting all of these characters to feel real and to matter as much as these people do.”

Kerry met with Anita as part of her research:

“She is very private. I felt like that was also something that she and really shared. The idea of the circumstances of your life thrusting you on the public eye when its not necessary shared. That was something we were really able to bond on.”

Kerry is also executive producing, so here’s hoping they get he story right and some people will see Anita wasn’t some crazy ‘ho, but a thoughtful, intelligent, private woman who didn’t deserve the crap sandwich she was handed by the white establishment.

Kerry Washington receives the Giving Tree Award

Kerry Washington has been honored for her very important work with the Baby2Baby Foundation, a non-profit that provide basic necessities to children. Saturday night she was handed the Giving Tree Award for her charitable work after listening to testimonials from Shonda Rhimes, Tony Goldwyn, Jane Fonda an,d by video, First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

In her acceptance speech, Kerry described her experience going to her OB in Beverly Hills, an OB whose husband worked with poor women.

“I would ask about these other women because I would try to put myself in their shoes and make sense of their life versus my life,” Washington said. “Try to make sense of this little girl from the Bronx who suddenly was walking into a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills — try to make sense of the fact that I come from a neighborhood where really by now I should have five kids and no degree and maybe be on unemployment.” The actress said the experience forced her to reconcile her own privilege. She stopped thinking about less fortunate families as “other” and urged everyone at the gala to close the gap in their minds as well.

You can read a bit more and see some pictures on the Variety website here. This event raised over $2.1 million for charity. Great Job Kerry!

Best Commercial Ever

One of the best things to come out of the Emmys besides Best Supporting Actress wins by Regina King and Uzo Aduba, and an historic win by Viola Davis for Best Lead Actress in a Drama, was a commercial starring Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson and Mary J. Blige.

In my household commercials are usually obstacles to be overcome and fast-forwarded through, but this Apple commercial was so good that I’ve watched it multiple times.  It reminds me of afternoons spent with my girls, drinking wine, eating pizza and happily cutting up.  It hit all the right notes, making me want to buy whatever Apple was selling.

I’m still not completely sure what it is, but thanks to Kerry, Taraji and Mary, I want one.

8 Magazines Feature Black Women on Their September Covers

After the disappointment of Elle magazine featuring only one WOC in their birthday spread – here’s a link to the discussion on our forum of that debacle – September is shaping up to be a big month for black women in the magazine industry no less than 8 WOC have made the covers of major magazines. While the magazine industry still has a long way to go before we can call it diverse, this is progress.

See the gallery below, hover your mouse over the picture to see the name of the cover girl and the magazine.