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Rosewood star, “My character is very Latina”

Rosewood premiered last week as the lead in to the juggernaut that is Empire, and while the show looks like a fairly standard crime procedural at first, one look at the cast photo tell you this is not standard TV. The lead actor is is Black. the lead actress is Latina and several of the supporting roles are minorities as well.

Rosewood cast

Not your standard cast, is it?

Jaina Lee Ortiz, who plays Detective Annalise Villa, recently had a sit down with the Huffington Post about what it was like to be one of the very few Latina leads on TV:

My character is very Latina, let’s be real. She’s feisty, she has attitude, she is sexy but I feel that because of her range and what she’s been through as a person she can connect to any race.”

She draws inspiration from her father, an actual homicide detective in New York:

“I love playing Villa mainly because I draw so much inspiration from my dad,” she told HuffPost. “I basically call my dad up and he has all the answers.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

Rosewood airs Wednesdays on Fox at 8pm ET/PT