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Whispers in the Dark: Sleepy Hollow recap

We start the episode with Happy Homemaker Ichabod doing his chores while signing Rule Britannia. Odd choice of song considering he actively fought that rule and was instrumental in overturning it here on this side of pond until that whole Witness thing got in the way. But he probably hasn’t had time to watch Empire and learn the Drip Drop song yet, so I’ll give it to him. He brags to Abbie about his Bedfordshire Clanger, one of those god awful dishes that destroyed England’s culinary reputation around the world. (In George Carlin’s version of hell, the English are the cooks for a reason) It’s a dinner and desert all in one inedible crust. Fortunately he burns it and they decide to order take out. Close call there Abs.

But hey, Ichabod is TRYING, something he never did last season, so we are already seeing an improvement. The writers are TRYING, dammit.

Pandora, this season’s Big Bad is not idle. She dutifully conjures up this week’s monster, a shadow wraith that feeds on secrets and then kills you. Seems Shadow only likes the secrets of good guys, because he snuffs a man who is trying to blow the whistle on a scheme to raid the city’s pension fund. The case naturally winds up in Abbie’s capable hands.

Enter Abbie’s new boss to replace the late, great I-forget-his-name-he-was-gone-so-fast. Except Abbie’s new boss is a former flame from the academy by the name of Daniel Reynolds. Hilarity ensues as Ichabod does everything but hoist his leg on Abbie to mark her as his in front of the new/old guy.

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Sleepy Hollow S3 Poster and BTS Photos

TVLine debuted a season three poster featuring Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) up close and personal.  Nicole Beharie looks as radiant as always, and Tom Mison’s eyebrows have a mind of their own.


These photos look like something from season one to me, but given the lack of promotion lately we’re lucky we even got this.

We also got a few behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Aaron Baiers, VP of Television Development at Kurtzman/Orci Productions.  Fans have been clamoring for any news or photos of Nicole Beharie/Abbie Mills for weeks, and we finally got our wish.  Looks like both Witnesses got a hair cut, in matching styles no less.  Cute!