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“Daughter of God” gets whitewashed into “Exposed”

The Root has a fascinating article today on how a “bilingual, multi-racial drama” got edited down into a white crime thriller. You’re shaking your head now, aren’t you?

To put the story into a nutshell, Daughter of God was conceived as indie flick about a Latina woman living with a Dominican family focusing on social issues that affect women. Keanu Reeves was attached to the project in a supporting role of a cop investigating the death of his partner, the real star was supposed to be Ana de Armas. Some of the funding for the film fell through and Lionsgate became involved. Once that happened, the film was re-edited so that the star in now Reeves, de Armes is now a bit part, the title was changed to Exposed, and the genre is now “cop thriller.” The changes were so drastic that Gee Malik Linton, the director, has removed his name from the credits.

The reason was of course, money. Keanu Reeves is a big name, and the studio, being a Hollywood studio, just can’t see actors of color bringing in the big bucks like white boys can. (Yes I know Reeves is part Asian, but movie audiences perceive him to be white, so the studio does as well.)

If you have the intestinal fortitude, head over and the article linked above. If you don’t I won’t blame you because who needs another story about whitewashing?

Daughter of God um, Exposed will drop in January, if anyone cares. No word on if we will ever see the director’s original cut. Here’s the trailer, looks like pretty standard cop stuff: