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***Spoilers ahead***

Y’all.  Y’all.  Did you watch The Walking Dead last night?  Did you?  Because if you didn’t, you missed something momentous taking place.  You missed a glorious culmination three long, frustrating seasons in the making.  You missed the coming together of what is inarguably the most badass couple on television.

If you were unfortunate enough to miss the show last night, you also missed the wonder that was Michonne and Rick finally taking their relationship to the next level.  And it was as amazing as I’ve always imaged it would be.  It was…perfect.  And I don’t use that term lightly.  There’s no other way to describe it.  It was tender and playful and sexy and sensuous.  As usual, Danai Gurira’s and Andrew Lincoln’s natural chemistry was palpable, and they made what could have been an awkward first coupling both sweet and hot at the same time.

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Why Danai Gurira should be your new girl crush

Why do we love Danai Gurira so much? Well, look at the top of this post and see how many categories and tags are on this post about one person.

tumblr-static-tumblr-static-1keiek2r6734cs44kwwcosg00-640-143655First Danai stars as sword-wielding bad ass Michonne on The Walking Dead. Michonne is more than just a bad ass though, she is fully realized, complex character and Danai gives this wonderful character her soul. Continue reading Why Danai Gurira should be your new girl crush

It’s a good time to be a POC in Theater

Recently I have noticed a very pleasing tread while perusing entertainment pages for this blog, it seems that now is a very good time for a POC to be in theater.

Exhibit A: Hamilton, the hip-hop version of the founding of our country. It’s the hottest ticket on Broadway. The critics are drooling over it in way that is almost embarrassing and the creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has a MacArthur Genius award gracing his mantle and his bank account.

Exhibit B: The Color Purple  starring Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Ervio will open soon on Broadway. This is bound to be yet another flaming hot ticket. I’m including Jennifer and Cynthia singing the title song here because I love you all and I want you to have nice things.


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Season 6 Richonne Love Connection?

Will Michonne and Rick finally hook up in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead?  It’s a conversation that seems to appear every year, but (unfortunately) has yet to materialize onscreen.  Rick got a new love interest last season, and Michonne has yet to have one at all. tumblr-static-tumblr-static-1keiek2r6734cs44kwwcosg00-640-143655

With the season six premiere only about six weeks away, right on cue, articles have begun are popping up speculating about a possible love connection between those two crazy kids.

The Hollywood Reporter took the question of a possible hookup straight to the top, and this is what showrunner Scott Gimple had to say:

“”They have a very intimate relationship, that’s the funny thing. People are like, ‘Oh my God, what if they were together?’ They’re really, really intimate. They have done things for each other that’s familial or deep, deep, deep friendship. But the way that they speak to each other — for example in [the season five finale] — represents how far these people have come with each other,” Gimple says, stressing how their relationship has evolved since Michonne showed up holding a basket of powdered baby formula while she was covered in zombie guts. “The fact that they reached that bedroom in Alexandria when they had that conversation where Rick admitted that he had a gun and was going to give it to her. I think they have an incredibly intimate relationship right now. Where that goes, who knows? I think there’s something to be said about those two characters’ journeys right now.””

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Danai Gurira says S6 of Walking Dead is “going to be very powerful and beautiful at the same time”

Entertainment Weekly has a video interview of Danai Gurira discussing season 6 of the hit show.

Gurira tells us. “It’s going to go into so many different components of very intense and then very rich in human moments as well, but like a deeply different roller coaster from last year. It’s definitely a roller coaster. The pace constantly changes up in terms of who you’re watching, what you’re watching, and where. But at the same time, it’s so unpredictable and so unique from anything we’ve ever done before. It’s just really, really amazing to read the scripts, and to do them has been really, really exciting.”

Sorry I can’t embed the video here, but it looks like a must watch for fans of this show!