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‘Being Mary Jane’ Renewed for Season 4

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After what seemed like forever, BET finally put us all out of our misery and renewed Being Mary Jane for a fourth season.  They sure took their sweet time making this official, didn’t they?

With creator and showrunner Mara Brock Akil leaving BET to head over to Warner Brothers in May, I’ll admit that I had a bit of anxiety that they weren’t going to renew it.  They would’ve been crazy not to since it’s their highest-rated scripted show, but none of the decisions these networks make completely surprises me nowadays.

Now that we’ve gotten another season, the only thing still left to worry about is whether the show can survive Mara’s departure.  If they stick to what has worked over the past three seasons—great drama, storylines that continue to touch on current events, and amazing guest stars—they should be fine.  I’m sure any new showrunner is going to want to put his or her own stamp on the show, but I really hope that they won’t try to fix what isn’t broken.

I don’t want next season to be it’s last.

Being Mary Jane Returns in October


It was reported this week that BET’s hit drama Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union, was going to return for it’s third season on October 20th.  This was definitely as pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to return until the winter TV season as it had  it’s first two seasons. 

After the cliffhanger we were left with at the end of the season two finale, I’m certainly not complaining.  There’s nothing that will keep an audience on the edge of their seats more than the reveal of a huge, life-changing secret and our heroine having a last-minute car crash.

So what’s in store for the new season?  Per Entertainment Weekly, the fabulous Loretta Devine and the equally fabulous Jill Scott will be joining the cast for recurring roles.

“Devine — who earned an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress for her work as Adele Webber on Grey’s — will play Cecilia, a bookstore owner whose car was hit by Mary Jane’s vehicle in the OMG-what-just-happened car accident that occurred in the last moments of the season 2 finale. It seems as theirs isn’t an accident that results in MJ simply handing over her insurance info, since Cecilia will extort her for a whopping $25,000. And that won’t be the end of their relationship, as later in the 10-episode series, the two characters will unexpectedly grow close when Cecilia “offers MJ unwanted, but invaluable, pieces of advice and wisdom,” says BET.  Continue reading Being Mary Jane Returns in October

Being Mary Jane Season Premiere on October 20th

From Entertainment Weekly:

Missing Mary Jane? It’s time to start the official countdown to season three, which EW can announce will premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 20 in its new time slot at 9 p.m. ET on BET.

The new time slot isn’t the new thing about the Gabrielle Union-starrer about a cable news anchor juggling career, family and romance. Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy) and singer-actress Jill Scott (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency) will join the hard-hitting series as guest stars this season, EW has learned exclusively.

There is quite a bit on the upcoming season in the article, I strongly urge fans to go read.