Something wonderful happens when a film has two black leads, and we can prove it

I’ve written before about studies that show that diversity has a positive impact on the bottom line, and now I have new one to add to the growing pile.

Researchers at University of North Carolina and McGill University decided to study how films featuring diverse casts performed at the box office compare to cast that feature all white people.

Remember how much money these guys made? Only $206 million

You can see this one coming a mile away can’t you?

The researchers found that after controlling for factors like genre, seasonality and the size of its opening release, having one black cast member did not significantly affect revenues, and having two black cast members correlated with earning roughly 60 percent more at the box office than the average film with no black actors. It was when films employed two or more black leads, however, that the real gains were seen: those films outperformed films with no black actors by 149 percent at the box office.

Yes honey, you read those number right. That’s a 149% increase in revenues bitches.

Cost to make: 13.5 million, box office: 54.3 million.

The Huff Post has a write up and more complete breakdown of the data if you want to see more. The fact of the matter is that this study aligns with previous studies, Diversity Sells and Hollywood executives are out of excuses.

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