‘Sleepy Hollow’ Returns

After a two month hiatus, Sleepy Hollow returns this Friday and FOX has finally saw fit to give us a promo and a sneak peek at the upcoming mid-season premiere.  It looks like Crane is still in his feelings about Abbie’s loss (he’d better be), and Agent Sophie is there to fill in temporarily until her return.

I’m honestly not sure what to expect from the second half of the season.  While this season has been miles better than the disaster known as season two, it still feels like the magic is gone.  Adding unnecessary characters into the mix like Betsy Ross and Zoe What’s-Her-Face have been a drag on the show, and from what I understand, they aren’t going anywhere.  At least for the moment.

Here’s hoping they’ll at least be utilized better in the upcoming episodes.  Here’s also hoping the writers stop wasting the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod to prop up his other relationships.  It’s hurting the show, and if the complaints by critics and fans aren’t enough to convince those in charge, the dismal ratings should.

2 thoughts on “‘Sleepy Hollow’ Returns

  1. You know I had been planning to recap this show for this site, but I just cannot bring myself to watch it anymore. Betsy Ross is just so bad I have throw up in my mouth a little bit whenever she is on screen and the way they have treated Abbie makes me want to throw things at the screen. The show is on the verge of cancellation right now and I honestly cannot bring myself to care.

  2. I will continue to watch and see what happens. I caught the promo this Monday and I had no idea when it was coming back. The thing that I hope they don’t start doing is having Abbie be gone too long because I noticed that undercover chick is now working with them. What is it with shows and the unnecessary need to add so many new characters, especially female. At least for me people my only other experience was when I heard of how there would be 3 new female characters for S4 of POI. I mean it just becomes crowded. The saying of quality over quantity would fit here. The more characters they shove into a show means less attention to the writing in terms of character development, especially if there other characters are around so often. It just feels like they should cut back to 4 because at least we have a connection with them as they were around for a good length of time and given good development.

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