Shonda’s March to the Sea

Like General Sherman burning a path through the South, Shonda Rhimes is marching through ABC’s schedule, burning it to the ground, and taking over. So far she has 3 shows tearing up the network, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder. She has another show, The Catch, premiering at mid-season. She has 3 pilots on order for next season, a divorce comedy, a drama about nuns in a convent and another drama about soldiers in Iraq. Now news comes that she has sold a 4th show to ABC.

Sill Star-Crossed will follow the families of Romeo and Juliet in the aftermath of their teenager’s suicides. Apparently, the conflict did not end with the deaths of the star-crossed lovers. Shonda herself is writing the pilot, and we all know how well she does angst!

As far anyone knows, there are no plans to rename ABC, The Shonda Channel, but the TV season is still young, just sayin’.

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