Shonda Rhimes & Norman Lear team up for “America Divided”

Shonda Rhimes is moving forward with her plot for world domination by teaming up the legendary producer Norma Lear for the documentary series America Divided.

The series will premier on Epix in the fall. Every episode will focus on a different social issue and each documentary will be hosted by different people. For example, America Ferrera take a look at the issues around access to the ballot and healthcare for poor women in Texas while Common will look at disparities in the criminal justice system.

According to Shonda’s statement:

“The promise of the American dream was a united country where everyone is treated equal. That promise has clearly been broken; all you have to do is look around to see that our reality has been built on the back of inequality. It’s my hope that this series will inspire audiences to be part of a change that leads us into a stronger, more equal future.”

Sounds intriguing. I have a feeling Trump supporters won’t be fans.

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