Shame on the SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominees have been announced and there were only 3 WOC on the list. Yes 3. Queen Latifah got a nod for Bessie, Viola Davis for How to Get Away With Murder and Uzo Aduba for Orange is the New Black.

No Taraji P. Heson, no Kerry Washington, no Tracy Ellis Ross, no Gina Rodriquez. WTF SAG?

Orange is the New Black and Key&Peele got ensemble nods, but they are the only POC led shows that did. Empire, Black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat and Jane the Virgin all got ignored.

So what about the guys, you ask? Surely the boys did better? Um, slightly better, but still not great. Aside from the previously mentioned Key&Peele in the comedy ensemble, Idris Elba scored two noms, for Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for Beasts of No Nation and Lead Actor in a TV Series for Luther. Beasts of No Nation and Straight Outta Compton got an ensemble nods and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is part of the ensemble cast the got nominated for Trumbo. Rami Malek was a very pleasant surprise in the Lead Actor in a TV Series category for Mr Robot.

No Anthony Anderson, no Micheal B Jordan, no Terrance Howard, no Will Smith. Again, WTF SAG? You gave a nomination to  Jim Parsons again? How stale can you BE?

The worst part is the SAG awards are the awards where the actors nominate and honor other actors. While I am happy for the nominees, I am disgusted that in so-called “liberal Hollywood” the POC still don’t get their fair share of respect. Empire and Black-ish are game changers for the broadcast industry and they should be acknowledged.

The SAG Awards will be handed out Jan. 30 on TNT and TBS. I won’t be watching.

2 thoughts on “Shame on the SAG Awards

  1. Lee Daniels is being sued by the SAG Awards over lack of payment of residuals for the 2005 film, Shadowboxer.  There is some speculation about the timing of the lawsuit and the announcement of the nominations.  Considering that Season 1 was eligible for SAG Awards, the lack of nominations is definitely a snub.

    I cannot speak to the validity of the lawsuit, but if true, I’m pissed at both SAG and Daniels because the actors are the ones who lose here.



    1. I saw the news reports of the lawsuit, but this thought never occurred to me! I think you may have point here, considering the SAG Award are about the only wards who have not acknowledged Taraji’s work. I’ll be really pissed if they punished her for that.

      But then again they pretty much ignored just about any WOC this year aside from Viola and the men didn’t fare much better. Considering the increased diversity we are seeing TV, I think they are stuck in the past. The TV noms are pretty much the same list as last year.

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