Serena Williams named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year, Given Pin Up Cover

Celebrate! Serena Williams was named Sport Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year! The first individual woman to be so named since 1983! Congratulations!

Then you see the cover:

Is this the Sportsperson of the Year issue or the swimsuit issue? Are those really her thighs or did they Photoshop? Did they really have to oil her up?

The guys don’t get the iphelps-jpgcheesecake treatment when they are named as Sportsman of the Year. Peyton Manning, Dwayne Wade, Madison Bumgarner were all posed in their uniforms. Even Micheal Phelps, whose work uniform is a dinky-ass Speedo barely showed any skin in his cover.

I’m torn here, I don’t like the fact that Serena was treated as some sort of sex object when they were supposed to be celebrating her athletic achievements, but it is kinda nice to a see a black woman treated as sexy and desirable. What do you all think?

3 thoughts on “Serena Williams named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year, Given Pin Up Cover

  1. I have mixed feelings on this issue and I cannot say for sure where I  come down.  On the one hand, you are right, SWW.  The emphasis on the sexual attraction of female athletes is a bit much. The two images that you use in the article most certainly point to a schism in how men and women athletes are portrayed visually.

    However, Serena looks d*mn good in that image.  Considering the ‘hit job’ The New York Times did on her femininity earlier this year (see link below) I have a hard time with how Sports Illustrated chose to  depict her.  She’s beautiful as well as a powerful athlete and I get tired of ‘masculine’ image that is attached to her persona because her white tennis peers have a hard time beating her on the court.  Seeing her acknowledged as a feminine woman is a plus in my book.

    I’m sure that if Ronda Rousey had not lost earlier this year, she would have been named Sportsperson of the Year, with the model spread to boot.



    1. SI is saying that Serena chose this picture herself, and I can certainly understand why she would choose it with all the crap she took about looking like man. We all want to be sexy and desired and if you’re reading nasty tweets every day mocking your muscles instead of celebrating them, it would get to the best of us. I just wish she didn’t feel like she had to go there to be desirable. She kicks major ass and should be celebrated for that.

      That Micheal Phelps cover was the sexiest one I could find for a man. No one mocks his muscles.

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