Season 6 Richonne Love Connection?

Will Michonne and Rick finally hook up in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead?  It’s a conversation that seems to appear every year, but (unfortunately) has yet to materialize onscreen.  Rick got a new love interest last season, and Michonne has yet to have one at all. tumblr-static-tumblr-static-1keiek2r6734cs44kwwcosg00-640-143655

With the season six premiere only about six weeks away, right on cue, articles have begun are popping up speculating about a possible love connection between those two crazy kids.

The Hollywood Reporter took the question of a possible hookup straight to the top, and this is what showrunner Scott Gimple had to say:

“”They have a very intimate relationship, that’s the funny thing. People are like, ‘Oh my God, what if they were together?’ They’re really, really intimate. They have done things for each other that’s familial or deep, deep, deep friendship. But the way that they speak to each other — for example in [the season five finale] — represents how far these people have come with each other,” Gimple says, stressing how their relationship has evolved since Michonne showed up holding a basket of powdered baby formula while she was covered in zombie guts. “The fact that they reached that bedroom in Alexandria when they had that conversation where Rick admitted that he had a gun and was going to give it to her. I think they have an incredibly intimate relationship right now. Where that goes, who knows? I think there’s something to be said about those two characters’ journeys right now.””

What does Danai Gurira have to say about a Richonne pairing?

“”I always say to Gimple that she’s the nun and she don’t get none! But it’s cool, it shows that there’s a palpable true friendship there [for Michonne and Rick] that people can pick up on. But there’s a friendship there that I treasure with Michonne’s connection with Rick. He’s the one who really challenges her to step out of who she was and who she was becoming. After that fight with the Governor (David Morrissey), she was becoming something quite ugly. … She had to go through that because of Rick, so that caused her to have a respect for him, and eventually he gained a trust and respect for her. There’s definitely an intimacy of friendship there.”

As usual, they’re saying a whole lot without really saying much at all.  We all know that Rick and Michonne have an incredibly close and intimate relationship.  That’s why so many people are invested it in it and would like to see it explored beyond the scope of friendship.   But I’m beginning to wonder if the folks in charge are inclined to go there.

As much as I would personally like to see Rick and Michonne become more than friends this season, she should get her own love interest if they don’t.  It’s mind-boggling that a beautiful, kickass, vivacious woman like Michonne hasn’t gotten involved at least once since her introduction on the show.  After three seasons, I think it’s way past time for her to get a little loving in the zombie apocalypse too.

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