Review: The Return of Sleepy Hollow

Let’s all agree that Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow sucked. It sucked so bad that merely saying it sucked is an insult to shows that merely suck. It sucked so hard that it could have sucked a watermelon through 10 feet of garden hose in thirty seconds.

And well, let’s face it, a lot of the news coming out of writer’s room over the summer was not comforting. Despite welcome deaths of Ichabod’s hellspawn Henry (YAY!) and worthless witch of a wife Katrina (double YAY!) the new show-runner seemed to meandering down the same path as his widely loathed predecessor. All the fuss over (white girl) Betsy Ross was just too reminiscent of the love heaped on (white girl) Katrina. Woo hoo, we traded one sexy white girl love interest for Ichabad for another.

WHAT ABOUT THE FEMALE LEAD???????? Where is Nicole?????

Finally they acknowledged that Nicole was on the show and gave her a love interest too. But they keep parading Nikki Reed in front of the media like a prize mare. *grumpyface*

Needless to say, I viewed the season 3 premiere of Sleepy Hollow with great trepidation. From all the pre-season Betsy Ross hype I was expecting a repeat of the Katrina S2 debacle. We didn’t get one, but we are not out of the woods yet.


They actually treated Nicole like she was the female lead. She’s not Ichabod’s water carrier anymore, she’s a bad ass FBI Agent taking down a drug cartel. When Ichabod took off to go find himself after the events of last season, Abbie didn’t sit around waiting for the lanky revolutionary to return.  She went back to her pre-Witness life and she was slaying it! She joined the FBI and was kicking ass and taking names when we saw her again. She even had a new father/mentor figure.  *cue ominous music*

But of course her happy Ichabod-less life was not going to last. Ichabod, who had not contacted her for 9 months calls her when he gets busted trying to sneak some ancient tablet he found at his old home on Scotland back into the country. Yeah, you read the right, Ichabod is still a self centered prick. This time Abbie calls him on it, he acknowledges that he was wrong to not write home and she springs his ass.

Turns out Ichabod knows something bad is going down, he was wearing Katrina’s necklace, which was tied to the Headless Horseman, and he felt the Headless Horseman “die.” He doesn’t know Pandora, the new Big Bad, is in town and sucked Old Headless into her nasty little box.

Pandora doesn’t stop there, she sends out a murdering fear demon for apparently no good reason other than to cause havoc. I hope we learn more about her motives soon, evil is better when it has a plan.

The demon, who looked like a high school drama class make up project gone wrong (have they really slashed the budget that much?) goes around killing people, including Abbie’s new father figure. Here’s a tip for all middle aged white actors in Hollywood, if you get a casting call for the part of Abbie’s mentor figure, it’s a short term gig. Trust me on this.

Ichabod and Abbie join forces with Jenny (YAY!) to take the demon down. The rest of the episode is fairly standard Sleepy Hollow stuff, but it’s good to see after the Festival of Suckatude that was season 2. The chemistry between Nicole and Tom was on full display in all it’s glory and it was lovely to see again after being hidden behind Katrina’s skirts last season. We even got a nice moment between Jenny and Ichabod as they realize they have a lot in common, neither one is completely comfortable in the world. Sleepy Hollow, I’ve missed you!

I haven’t mentioned Betsy Ross yet, but that’s mostly because she wasn’t worth mentioning. She’s supposed to have been some sort of sexy super spy back in her day, but she was shoehorned into the plot in a very unnatural way. You could have edited out her scene and no one would have noticed. Nikki Reed is nice to look at, but her acting hasn’t improved one iota since the Twilight series. Betsy talked like a modern day woman, not a colonial one. She actually reminded me a lot of the character of Shaw from Person of Interest, and I hate Shaw. She killed that show, and I have a bad feeling about Betsy fulfilling a similar role here. If NR is going to share the screen with Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, she’s going to have to up her game.

The Good:
Sleepy Hollow writers are very aware of what went wrong last season and they seem to want to fix most of it. Nicole was treated as a lead for once, and Jenny was given a lot to do. Ichabod and Abbie are full partners again instead Abbie having to come off the bench to fix Katrina’s screw ups. Pandora shows promise as a baddie.

The Bad:
They didn’t spend all summer hyping Betsy Ross for nothing, they must have a plan for her. Whatever the plan is, I’m pretty sure Nikki Reed won’t be able to execute it. She’s terrible. I don’t how this woman gets acting jobs. She should think her lucky stars she’s white because no black woman would be allowed to be this bad. And she’s going to be a big part of the show moving forward.

Despite lack of acting skill displayed by Ms. Reed, I remain cautiously optimistic overall. The new show runner seems to understand that the Abbie/Ichabod dynamic is what made the show and as long as he keeps that mind, I’ll keep watching. I can always just fast-forward through Nikki Reed’s scenes.

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  1. Thanks for saving those of us who have completely written off the show with this great review! So glad to hear that Nicole has been pulled back in and is treated like the lead female she is. I might DVR an eppy to see if it’s truly back on track. Great review SWW.

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