Regina King and Uzo Aduba’s winning speeches

WOC had a good night last night at the Emmys, not only did Viola Davis make history, but Regina King and Uzo Aduba also brought home hardware for their roles in American Crime and Orange is the New Black.

Regina seemed genuinely surprised to have won since she didn’t prepare a speech. She was adorably flustered:

Just how cool was it that Taraji P Henson was so happy for her? As you will recall, Taraji was jumping up and screaming for Viola, even though she lost the Emmy to her! If there was a award for most supportive friend, Taraji would win hands down.

Ladies, this is how it should be for all women, we should lifting each other up and supporting each other. Taraji is our role model.

Uzo’s speech moved me to near tears with just how heart felt it was.

If you are not at least sniffling by now, you have no heart and should go see a doctor immediately.

One thought on “Regina King and Uzo Aduba’s winning speeches

  1. Taraji being so supportive and loyal was just as good as watching the winners themselves.  She won over a lot of hearts Sunday night with such a great display of character – especially in the category in which she lost.

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