Queen Latifah cast in Lee Daniels’s new show

I confess I wasn’t too thrilled to find out about Lee Daniels’s new show. I felt he needed to concentrate on Empire, considering Empire is in a bit of a sophomore slump. But this made me feel a tiny bit better about the endeavor, he has signed Queen Latifah to star.QueenLatifah

The series originally titled Star, but now apparently has no name, follows 3 (originally 4) young WOC as they try to become the next super group. Queen Latifah will play their mother-figure, a former singer turned beauty salon owner. The character, named Charlotta, will try to care for her charges, but isn’t so sure about their drams of stardom. Me thinks there is probably some juicy backstory there.

Jude Demorest

The 3 young gals in the girl group have been cast as well. They are:

  • Jude Demorest (“Dallas,” “The Middle”) as Star. Star has spent her life in foster homes after her mother passed away and is determined to become a star
  • Ryan Destiny (“Low Winter Sun”) as Alexandra The rich kid who wants to make “authentic” music, whatever that means.

    Ryan Destiny
  • Brittany O’Grady (“The Messengers”) as Simone, Star’s younger sister who is escaping a abusive foster home.

    Brittany O’Grady

Despite speculation to the contrary, this is not an Empire spin-off, “Empire” showrunner Ilene Chaiken put the kibosh on that rumor. While this show will focus on the music industry like Empire, it looks like it will be a whole new world.

Production on the new show begins next month in Atlanta and is the first project from Daniels as part of his multi-year overall deal with 21st Century Fox television.

I’m taking a “wait and see attitude” here, but after Daniels delivered so big on Empire, I’ll cut the dude some slack.

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