Project Greenlight has spurred a conversation on diversity

One good thing That came out of the Project Greenlight flap was that it helped push the conversation about diversity to the forefront, according to the panelists at the Produced By NY conference. Effie Brown, the producer who clashed with Matt Damon, was a member of the panel.

“Black Twitter is real,” Brown said, noting how social media fueled a discussion that extended well beyond the premiere of the episode. “What was beautiful was that black Twitter showed up and you know who else showed up? Everybody else,” she said. She described the impact of the two-way conversation that fans have around TV and film as “a new millennium call and response. You can’t do something shady and think nobody’s going to hear about it,” she said.

Yeah, Matt Damon heard about it!

Project Greenlight was not the only topic of conversation. How to Get Away With Murder was held up as an example of the wonderful things that can happen when you have a diverse cast and crew:

Brown gave a shout-out to (Pete) Nowalk and the show for last season’s momentous episode in which Davis’ Annalise Keating takes off her wig to show her natural hair. Nowalk said he initially did not understand what the moment would mean to so many African-American viewers, but Davis did, and he took her guidance. “The open-heartedness of collaboration means listening and learning something,” Nowalk said. “And it helps your show.”

You can read more about the panel on the Variety website

6 thoughts on “Project Greenlight has spurred a conversation on diversity

  1. I don’t know why these publications and networks try to act like they don’t know that Black Twitter will snatch their edges clean off if they try to get froggy.

    1. When something pops off, wait for the reaction.  Like when that Rachel Dolezal crap went down?  The hashtag #askRachel dragged her all day.  It was hilarious.  Trust me…you’ll know it when you see it.

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