Priyanka Chopra may join Baywatch movie. Why?

Proving once again that there are no original ideas in Hollywood, someone, for unknown reasons, has decided that Baywatch, the cheesy 90s TV show about LA lifeguards, needed a reboot as a movie.

This gif pretty much sums up my reaction to this news.


I’ll give you all a few minutes to wrap your head around this.


Ready now?

Surprisingly, several names have already attached themselves to the project. Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are in along with Kelly Rohrbach, who will be filling Pamela Anderson’s rather busty swimsuit. Now it looks like Priyanka Chopra may be joining them, as the film’s villain. She’s currently in talks to jump on board, nothing is set in stone yet.

Someone please send her the Baywatch DVD set so she knows what she is getting into…

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