7 thoughts on “Olivia vs Angela: What Makes a Mistress Likable

  1. It could be as simple as the fact that Olivia is the star of her show, and we’re supposed to like her, so we naturally root for her even when she’s doing something wrong.  With Angela, she’s not the star.  She’s seen as in the way and a home wrecker because we like Tasha and want her to win.  It’s really weird though.

    There could also be the chemistry thing.  I don’t ship Olitz, but I’m not blind.  Olivia and Fitz have amazing chemistry, so I definitely think that also has something to do with it.

    1. I’m so tired of the the question of why some fans of Power hate Angie more than Olivia question. It’s the same reason fans love Ghost and thinks he can do no wrong. The show is told in Olivia’s POV and for a while (at least before I quit watching it), it wasn’t so obnoxiously about Olivia and Fitz. She’d started to date and had been dating other men. Olivia is her own woman, a boss, a woman who is highly educated and VERY powerful. She’s also dirty and a criminal. But it’s *her* story.

      Power, as much as the Angela fans would like it to be, is NOT Angie’s story. It’s Ghost’s story. It’s told from his POV. That’s why no matter how many people he lies to and backstabs, folks will still root for his trifling ass. If the story were told from Angie’s POV, there’d be less vitriol, but I can bet you dollars to doughnuts that less people would watch it.

      1. There are people that want/think this is/should be Angela’s story?


        What in the narrative has made them even go there?  It’s been clear since episode one that this is Ghost’s story.

          1. Yeah, I should know better.  Some people wanted Katrina to take the lead role away from Abbie on Sleepy Hollow, and wanted Jo to be the only female lead on Twisted over Lacey even though there were supposed to be three leads on that show. There are people who also want Caitlin to be the female lead on The Flash instead of Iris.  Same crap, different fandoms.

            I’m wondering how long it will take before people will be trying to downplay Meagan Good’s character’s role on Minority Report even though she is unequivocally the female lead.

  2. The shade is already being cast against Meagan Good.  Just go to the show’s IMDB page and [forums.previously.tv].  It’s like some people want the show to fail and it hasn’t even aired.   Jeez!

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