Nichelle Nichols Is Amazing


I want to be Nichelle Nichols when I grow up:

The actress who played Lt Uhura in Star Trek is to blast off on a mission for US space agency NASA aged 82 – and three months after suffering a stroke.

Nichelle Nichols, who has been an ambassador for NASA since portraying the groundbreaking character in the 1960s, will fly on the SOFIA space telescope in September.

While the telescope – housed in a specially converted Boeing 747 – doesn’t quite go to the final frontier, it makes it as high as the stratosphere, around 50,000 above the Earth.

Ms Nichols revealed her daring mission during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on social forum website Reddit. [Source]

2 thoughts on “Nichelle Nichols Is Amazing

  1. Ms. Nichols is my personal hero.  She’s led such an amazing life.  And I’m so glad that she has recovered from her stroke earlier this summer – had me scared for a minute.  So excited for her upcoming SOFIA telescope mission.  Can’t wait for liftoff!

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