Ms. Magazine lists 7 Chicana Feminist Authors You Should be Reading

For those of us who are interested in feminist authors of color, Ms has listed 7 Hispanic women you should check out.

The author of the piece, Gisselli Rodriguez describes the feeling of finding an author who spoke to her as a Chicana:

As a young Chicana/Xicana, I probably read fewer than a handful of Latino/a authors throughout grade school. With a lack of representation came a sense of lost identity—which was followed by a need to assimilate. It wasn’t until I picked up Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldua that I had an “oh shit!” moment, when my identity as a Chicana womyn began to make sense. During the reading of this profound book, I actually allowed myself to love myself from who I am, color and all.

The power of a good book to touch lives is very profound and it’s important that everyone, regardless of race or gender, find that one book opens up their mind.

To see the list, go here.

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