More Iris West Please

Recently, The Flash released its tirisrailer for the show’s January mid-season premiere (remember the days when there was just one premiere and one finale a season?).  We actually got a glimpse of Iris West and Westallen, and it almost made me excited for the show’s return.   Almost.

I’ll admit that I’m incredibly jaded.  This show has let me down too many times in the past to truly allow myself to get overly excited about what may or may not be coming.  I haven’t been at all happy about the way that Iris has been sidelined so far this season in favor of setting up the upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow and devoting precious screen time to Barry’s current love interest, Patty Spivot.  Iris’ journalist arc hasn’t materialized, her screen time has been woeful, and once again, she hasn’t been given a point of view.   I still don’t know how she feels about Eddie’s death as we haven’t been allowed to see her grieve; and the storyline with her mother’s return was more about Joe than Iris.

I’m tired of watching everyone else get to express how they feel, while being forced to piece together how Iris feels via other character’s observations.  I’m tired of the telling and not showing when it comes to the show’s female lead.  It wasn’t acceptable last year, and it’s even less acceptable halfway through the second season.  We shouldn’t still be having these complaints.

Here’s hoping that now that the writers no longer have to split their time between setting up Legends and trying to make us fall in love with Patty, they can concentrate on finally giving Iris West the storyline that she deserves.

3 thoughts on “More Iris West Please

  1. I have no words for how much I agree with this! I have actually stopped watching Flash because I was so sick of Patty Spivot and all the Iris mess. Screw that. Iris is way more badass as a character than Patty, but Patty can quote Monty Python so she’s the love interest? NOPE.

  2. Its interesting to me that you see Iris as the lead female.  I now see that she should be but that’s not how I viewed her at first.  I went in as a viewer that always saw her as a supporting character and Dr. Snow as the main female lead.  I didn’t realize that point of view I think because I just took it as SOP.  Why? Because Iris is portrayed by a WOC.  If she wasn’t I would be expecting her to be maybe not front and center, but certainly more involved in Barry’s story.

    Of course she should figure rather prominently in the main character’s story since she’s his main love interest in 90% of the Flash comics.  That’s what you’d expect in the show right?  So she should be in what, safe to say 35% of the show maybe.  For anyone who follows the Arrow how much time is his paramour and their relationship on screen?

    So I’m saying all that to say this.  I think for me, subconsciously, when I saw who was playing Iris I knew her story line would be downplayed, put on a back burner, and made of no effect or consequence so that when they decided to kill her off(regardless of canon) it would be something I saw coming, knew would happen and expect it to happen.  Because when you see(read me cause I don’t really know about anyone else) a WOC in a role with a WM lead, especially if she may be his love interest, she ain’t long for this world.

    I didn’t know that POV was so firmly ensconced in my subconscious.  I think I now have a Pavlovian response to that scenario.  I would love to see more Iris and of course more WestAllen.  But just like they gave Caitlan some time and showed her grief over losing Ronnie, I too sswoman would like to see how Iris deals with losing her man, having her mom show up and now a brother.  And in light of the fact that Barry still loves her, whether as a sibling or romantically, I’d think all of the stuff that she and her dad are currently going through would have a serious impact on him and deserve some screen time.

    Naw, who am I kidding.  Just throw that pert, cute non WOC in there and that will keep your mind off those pesky unimportant side stories.  And even though I want to, I still don’t see her as the female lead of the Flash.

    1. I had read somewhere that they had more scenes with Barry and Iris talking about stuff, but they cut them.

      They’re trying to make the other fangirls happy who are upset that SnowBarry is not a thing and putting him with Patty . What’s interesting is if you watch scenes with Patty and then scenes with Iris. He doesn’t look like he wants to be with Patty. When Joe said, You can’t take your eyes off her, I was like you blind Joe. I usually avert my eyes when they’re on screen together because it pisses me off and its painful.

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