Minority Report Promo Posters

Judging by the promotion for the show, it looks like Meagan Good will be a fully realized female lead.  It’s sad that even has to be said, but Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to women of color leads.  Especially black ones.  So it’s encouraging to see that FOX is putting her front and center in the advertising.

Because I’ve fallen prey to the bait and switch more than once, I’ll be watching with a bit of a side-eye.  But I’m more hopeful than I was before that this time might actually be different.


One thought on “Minority Report Promo Posters

  1. This is how you do promo for a new show! I’m getting excited for this! I was originally going to pass, but with the sneak peeks and posters, I feel like we finally might have a WOC lead we can get excited about.

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