Meet Princess Adrienne of “Princeless.” Just don’t call her a “fair maiden!”

Looking for a great gift to give that budding young comic geek of color? I give you Princess Adrienne from the Action Labs comic Princeless. But this ain’t your run of the mill Disney princess. For example, what happens when you call Princess Adrienne a “fair maiden”? Well, this is what you get:


I’m guessing he won’t be making that mistake again!

In typical Princess fashion, Adrienne gets locked in a tower when she turns 16. That’s just what Princesses are supposed do after all, right? Adrienne decides that no one locks Princess in a tower, so she escapes –without the aid of any stodgy prince with a great tenor voice-, takes the dragon who was supposed to guard her, and heads out for her own adventure to rescue her sisters from their towers.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It’s so cool it has been nominated for and won several awards. it has tow Eisner nominations and has won 3 Glyph Comic Awards!

Credit for this wonderful and unusual take on Princesses goes to the wonderful Jeremy Whitley. You can find it on Amazon or comicxology.

3 thoughts on “Meet Princess Adrienne of “Princeless.” Just don’t call her a “fair maiden!”

  1. If you are a STTO fan then you heard the writers slip that same declaration in the ep where Sulu and other crew members get a little bonkers.  He rushes on to the bridge and grabs Uhura and tells her to not fear he will save her the fair maiden.  Uhrua’s response was, “Sorry, neither”.  It was a rather risque remark for the time and I think went by so fast most people didn’t realize what was meant by it.  I will, however never forget it because it shocked me a bit and made me laugh then, as now.

  2. I’ve heard Nichelle Nichols discuss the line and the episode.  She said she was proud to declare that her character was neither ‘white’ or a ‘virgin.’ Heady stuff for the 1960s.

    As for the comic, I’m reading it now – saw the book by chance at my local public library.  It’s hilarious, and worth the time to read.


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