Meet Bola Agbaje

A reader of this site tipped me off to the wonderfully talented Bola Agbaje. She is a Nigerian-British award winning playwright who has just released her innovative short movie Snapped the Movie on the app SnapChat

SnappedTheMovie on Snapchat is a short contemporary film about a young boy who filmed himself sleeping with a girl he met on the Internet. The video is leaked online and both he and the girl have to face the consequences of over-sharing on snapchat. It explores the themes of revenge porn. The film looks at an increasing problem that young people face and the unwitting risks they take when using social media.

Interesting and timely! Read more about it here.

Bola Agbaje is quite the accomplished playwright. Her first play, Gone Too Far, won her an Oliver award. The play was made into a movie that won the 2014 DC Award at the London Comedy Film Awards. She’s written numerous other play that have been performed on the London stage such as Off the Endz, Detaining Justice, Belong, The Burial and Take a Deep Breath and Breathe.

Thanks for the tip, keep them coming!!!



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