Margaret Cho returns to TV as a pot salesperson

As any fan of Margaret Cho knows her last brush with her own TV show, 1994’s All American Girl, was a less than positive experience for her. The show was supposed to be based on Margaret’s edgy comedy, but instead turned into a very unfunny Asian racial trope. Margaret and the audience hated every moment of it and it died a justified death after one season.

Now she is back, this time on Amazon instead of network TV, which I’m hoping will be more suited for her not-ready-for-prime-time style of comedy. In Highland, she will play an addict fresh out rehab who has to move back in with her less-than-functional family who runs a pot dispensary.

Margaret will co-produce along with Liz Sarnoff (Deadwood, Lost, Alcatraz). Liz will also write the script. No premiere date has been set yet.

Pot seems to be hot right now on TV, HBO has picked up High Maintenance and NBC has Buds in development. We will see who live or dies by the leaf.

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