Leslie Jones doesn’t care what you think ’cause she’s a Ghostbuster

If you stop and think about the amount of coverage we have to give to WOC shutting down internet trolls, you might get depressed. On one hand it’s awesome to see WOC fight back and make the trolls look like the drooling mouth-breathers that they are; but on the other it’s a travesty that they have to do it at all. So much for the post-racial world, right?

Whelp, here we go again. Leslie Jones posted this on Twitter about her role in the upcoming all female Ghostbusters movie:

You gotta feel awesome for her, it’s obvious that she’s super excited about this, but the internet just can’t let anyone, especially a WOC, feel good about themselves for any reason:

They had class? Did this person SEE the original Ghostbusters?

Awww, did the angry black women give you attitude, honey? GOOD!

Leslie handled them all, but why should she have to? Wat did these people gain by bagging on her except showing the world just why they can’t get a date?

It wasn’t all bad though:

Thank you Seth!

Personally, I’m there for this. Leslie’s poster looks awesome, and the entire cast is stellar. Normally I’m not a fan of remakes, but I am looking forward to this one! Kill ’em Leslie!

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