Lee Daniels teases Mariah Carey’s role in Empire

Lee Daniels had an interesting conversation with EW about Mariah Carey’s announced role on Empire.

“This season of Empire, premiering Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox, is full of incredible guest stars, including Chris Rock, Ludacris, Marisa Tomei, and Vivica A. Fox. But the star that’s gotten the most press without even shooting a scene of the Fox hit? Mariah Carey.

Co-creator Lee Daniels, a pal of Carey’s, has said that she will appear on the show, and he echoed the same statement when EW spoke to him about Empire’s latest season. “Mariah is coming on,” he says. “We are trying to crack a story for her now. As with Mariah, she wants it her way. But as with Lee Daniels, I want it my way. So it’s the usual back-and-forth with mamacita until we figure out exactly what it’s going to be. We’re very close to cracking story for her. But we’re very excited.”

And will Carey play herself? “I think it would be great to play her but she doesn’t want to play her so that’s what we’re doing,” says Daniels. “She’s giving us the hard assignment of trying to create a character which we’re doing right now. I think she’s going to be in our finale, which I’ll be directing.”

Hmmm. Given Mariah’s well deserved reputation for being a hard-core diva, I’m not really sure if I’m there for this or not.

4 thoughts on “Lee Daniels teases Mariah Carey’s role in Empire

  1. I don’t like that they are making a story for her or have to come up with a character for her.  She should be in the show because they have a story and think she’d be good for the part.  If they have to make a story and character for her, they’re simply putting her in the show for the sake of putting her in the show, which I don’t like.

    I think that’s people’s biggest fear this season with all the guest stars they’ve booked.  Are they there because they already have the story mapped out and these people are good for the roles, or are they booking all these people who suddenly want to appear on the show (and FOX being FOX making Danny Strong and Co. cast them) and having to craft a story around their appearances?  That will be the difference between organic and forced storytelling.  It could truly be a recipe for disaster.

    1. I agree with you. You know these people are only coming on because it’s a hit show and it’s about publicity for them not the show. I really hope they don’t mess with the chemistry of the show.  Fox is notorious for  doing stuff like this, then when it backfires they cancel the show or blame the cast and producers. As for Mariah, like her a singer.. not an actress. But that’s cause she can’t act herself out of a paper bag, my opinion. So they should do liket they did with Naomi, Estelle, Courttney, let her play someone similiar to herself and keep it moving.

      1. “Fox is notorious for  doing stuff like this”

        All the damn time.  Look at Sleepy Hollow.  That was a hit show, and they let the showrunners run it into the damn ground, and now it’s got one foot out the door.  I’m praying they don’t ruin Empire, like they did SH not to mention Glee.

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