Kerry Washington receives the Giving Tree Award

Kerry Washington has been honored for her very important work with the Baby2Baby Foundation, a non-profit that provide basic necessities to children. Saturday night she was handed the Giving Tree Award for her charitable work after listening to testimonials from Shonda Rhimes, Tony Goldwyn, Jane Fonda an,d by video, First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

In her acceptance speech, Kerry described her experience going to her OB in Beverly Hills, an OB whose husband worked with poor women.

“I would ask about these other women because I would try to put myself in their shoes and make sense of their life versus my life,” Washington said. “Try to make sense of this little girl from the Bronx who suddenly was walking into a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills — try to make sense of the fact that I come from a neighborhood where really by now I should have five kids and no degree and maybe be on unemployment.” The actress said the experience forced her to reconcile her own privilege. She stopped thinking about less fortunate families as “other” and urged everyone at the gala to close the gap in their minds as well.

You can read a bit more and see some pictures on the Variety website here. This event raised over $2.1 million for charity. Great Job Kerry!

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