Iris West Deserves Better

I seriously think we need a #IrisWestDeservesBetter campaign like last year’s wildly successful #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter campaign. You know, the one that helped to convince the producers of Sleepy Hollow  they were effing up, because they were. Right now The Flash is guilty of some serious disrespect towards their leading lady.


Last season Iris West was kept on the sidelines under the guise of “protecting her” from all the bad things that happen when you hang with a super hero. Because you know hanging with a super hero and not knowing he has some bad-ass enemies is wayyyyyyy safer than hanging with a super hero and knowing that one should keep an eye out. *eyeroll* This over-used and annoying trope aside, Iris was kept out of the action and stuck in the “Love Interest” B-plot all season. Iris’s main purpose in S1 was to give Barry something to moon over. While Grant Gustin does moon very well, Candice Patton had very little to do. We got a lot of CP’s frustrated face as the other characters consistently lied to her about, well, just about everything.

Finally, Iris figured out on her own that her best friend Barry was the mysterious Flash and Iris was finally integrated into the team. YAY!  We all thought finally the show was treating it’s WOC lead right.

Sigh. Not so fast. (See what I did there?)

In interviews and at the Cons, the producers promised that we would get more of Iris and the West Family history. Iris’s long-lost mother would return, Iris would be a fully integrated member of the team! Sounds awesome!

Except it’s not.

Iris lost her fiancee in the season finale last year, as did the white female scientist, Caitlin. We have seen Caitlin grieve her lost love, and we have seen Cisco and Barry comfort Caitlin in her grief. Iris has not been granted that; all she got was a sad face when she saw her love’s picture hanging on the wall in the police station. Eddie’s death has barely been mentioned, and Iris has gotten no emotional support from the rest of the characters. Iris needs to get a dog, then someone will finally be on her side.

With Eddie out of the way, do we finally get Barry and iris? Heck no! They give us a new chick to get in the way. They also give her more more screen time and character development than Iris has had.  Patty makes my slapping hand itch. She so CUTE! Don’t you see how CUTE she is???!!!! She’s a cop on the Metahuman Task Force chasing some of the worst of the worst and she simpers like a teenager on a prom date. Can you imagine the backlash if Iris acted like a love-sick teen in Barry’s presence? Ugh.

Iris’s mom Francine is back! Once again they frittered away another opportunity for Iris to develop. Francine has been back for two episodes now, but there have been no scenes with Mama and Daughter West. Iris knows her dad lied to to her for 20 years about her mother’s non-death, but when he finally ‘fessed up, she just patted his hand and said, “That’s OK.” WTF? That’s not how it works.  My kids still throw Santa in my face occasionally and they’re in their early 20s.

We had been promised that this last episode would be a great episode for Iris, but it was not to be. (Notice a theme emerging here?) Both Grant and Candice had used pictures of what everyone, including them,  thought was going to be a key scene between Barry and Iris to promote the episode. That scene was cut. Instead we get a scene of Barry telling Captain Cold, who just killed his own father right in front of Barry, “I know there is good in you.” Yup, you read that right, Barry is that dumb. Why are we shipping Iris with him again?

OK, look I get it. The name of the show is The Flash. Barry Allen is the main character and everything revolves around him. However, over on Arrow, each of the supporting cast has gotten character development and episodes that focus on them. Arrow still centers on Ollie, but the rest of the cast has been given more than one dimension. It just makes the show more interesting.

Come on Flash guys, give us the Iris we deserve. Candice deserves better, and so do we.


5 thoughts on “Iris West Deserves Better

  1. Jeez, I don’t even watch the show and that’s sounds pretty bad and also familiar. I wasn’t there for the whole season of SH but I saw what people meant and it is clear this season that they got their acts together with a lot more interaction between not just Abby and Ichabod but with her sister and Corbin’s son which was a nice way to let other characters in slowly.

    What I’m reading is going on in the Flash seems quite unfair, especially how this new female character got to jump in front of the line practically over another character who has been in the show for quite some time. I guess the EPs think if they make all these promises, there won’t be a backlash. I learned my lesson when Person of Interest pulled that with all that promotion before S3, how Reese and Carter would most likely get together only for them to kill Carter off and then replace her with two women that are constantly shoved down your throat and are allowed to do things that even Carter couldn’t like visit the library.

    I don’t understand what is such the big deal about just doing what you planned with a WOC. They go ahead and just bring in another character instead of just giving it to the already established female lead. That’s a slap in the face, I would think, to the actress who watches this and wonders why she worked her ass off and gets no where but this new girl just comes in and immediately gets what fans want with Iris. Like I said, I’m taking my experience from POI mostly because it feels like the same is going on. It might be a double standard waiting to happen again because when it comes to WOC, that seems to be the norm and it’s not right.

  2. Yes!  Thank you.  This shit is getting ridiculous.  I’m having Sleepy Hollow, Twisted and POI flashbacks.  I don’t understand why we have to keep doing this over and over and over again.  We keep getting bait and switched, and like a dummy, I keep falling for it.  Every fall, I get excited because a show has a black female lead, and ever fall I convince myself that this time, the show won’t screw us over.  So far, I’ve been wrong.  The only show I can count on is Empire, Being Mary Jane, HTGAWM, Z Nation and even though folks have some problems with how Olivia is portrayed, Scandal.  Notice two of those shows isn’t even on broadcast television.

    Why is it so freaking hard to show Iris’ POV?  Everyone else has gotten one, and they’ve gotten one because the writers want to give them one.  Iris being silenced is by the will of the writers and the showrunners.  That tells me everything I need to know.  Bye, show.


  3. It’s also apparent how easily they can do this when the female lead is not a WOC. It’s almost like they feel that the WOC can’t hold things on her own which is insulting. I mean, why is it that they think that adding another character is such a good idea and then it’s clear that they prefer writing for them since as was stated, they get more progression in less time. What is the main actress? Chopped Liver? What was the point of hiring her if they were just going to have her sit on the sidelines. That’s what look like was going to happen to Abbie too and now in S2 of SH, they have another white female character, Betsy Ross or whatever her name is. I can almost believe that the same problems will come up the second they find a way to bring her to present day.

    Someone needs to tell any EP for a show that has a WOC in the lead role to stop being annoying with this whole thing. Then they want to say they have diversity on the show. Pfft, yeah sure. Yet the WOC gets the freaking worse treatment despite being in the leading lady slot. That means that she will be someone they have to focus on too. If not, then why even hire the actress in the first place. POI pulled that crap too. It’s like hey, you know that one black woman that was on our show that everyone liked? Let’s treat her like crap until S3, give her stuff to do, then kill her off to replace her with 2 girls, one that is white and another that could be mistaken as white if you didn’t know her background, and still say with have diversity while putting a lesbian storyline because that’s what audiences really wanted. Screw putting any effort in giving the WOC a meaningful story without having something stupid happen to her like getting killed off. The next step with Iris West could be the same fate as Carter which would be a shame.

  4. I just caught up on it for this season and I was wondering why they brought in the new police girl.  Well of course its for Barry.  She’s his new love interest.  Here I thought they would focus on building the team as a cohesive whole now that Iris knows about everything.  But that just makes too much sense.  They need to bring in a new girl.  First I thought that they were gonna put him and Catlin together.  I had always thought they were heading that way.  So when she came back….

    But then here comes this new police woman.  What’s supposed to happen.  Barry no longer trust people and he has to learn how to again.  He’s going to be turning to her when he’s admitted to himself and Iris’ dad he has feelings for Iris?    So she’s going to help him learn how to trust people again?  Makes no sense and takes story from Iris…..again.  sigh. I guess I’ll just have to watch to see if these two ever get together.  I don’t think it will happen anytime soon within the next two seasons if it lasts that long or if she doesn’t get Carter’d first.

    PS: if they had to get Caitlin a new beau they did a really nice job with alt Flash!

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